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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
1523 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



funkagenda is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

funkagenda is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 1523 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 hours ago:
@ShitSneakers No, the crazy ones you posted before lol https://t.co/2WkVpU4Hct
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 5 hours ago:
@ShitSneakers I had a great pair of BKs back in the day. These are not okay, but I own the Reebok minions collab so what do I know lol
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: President Biden said it “remains to be determined” if the police killing of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: Advocates, lawmakers, and the White House are hopeful Congress will pass a police reform bill soon. These are the power…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: Black people make up 13% of the US population, according to US Census data. But of the 1,100+ people killed by police of…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: Police shootings are intertwined with gun violence. There were only 18 days in 2020 that the police didn't kill somebody…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: Experts say that laws requiring a waiting period after purchasing a gun could reduce lives lost in both mass shootings a…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: Researchers also point out that little has been done to prevent the next mass shooting from happening. One organization…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: Research shows the timing of these back-to-back shootings likely isn’t a coincidence. The more people see violence, th…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: Atlanta, Boulder, Orange, Indianapolis. Recently, news coverage of one deadly shooting has often been interrupted by b…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
RT @thisisinsider: There have been 147 mass shootings in the US since New Years Day, according to data published by the Gun Violence Archiv…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 21 hours ago:
That’s me :) https://t.co/7UAAMM5Mds
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 22 hours ago:
So, today I tried out for the EK Mavericks. I think I might have made it too. I’m so pleased. I was hoping for tigh… https://t.co/U0rd7Em1sI
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
Okay wish me luck. Today I am trying out for the EK Mavericks British American Football Team. Because there is noth… https://t.co/fOcbVEupGy
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
RT @nyjets: 12 days 'til Draft Day. https://t.co/LO4q878yff
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@Ninjanine53 @SusanStJames3_ Like you do realize you can buy a pigs head from a butcher don’t you? Or are you so fu… https://t.co/dPo9vnmln9
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@Mariusz96900631 Nope, still nothing that translates as a sentence.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@LadyBookworm117 @SusanStJames3_ But by all means don’t let a little thing like the truth get in the way of your fucked up narrative.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@LadyBookworm117 @SusanStJames3_ I think you’ll find the looters we’re not part of BLM. They just took advantage of… https://t.co/BFbuAVQVYa
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@LadyBookworm117 @SusanStJames3_ I value animals. More so than people. So I suggest you stop tarring me with the brush you use to tar them.

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