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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
1064 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



funkagenda has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

funkagenda is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 1064 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 5 hours ago:
Say Their Names Never Forget Injustice #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality https://t.co/lM8KIfspKi
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 19 hours ago:
Why #AllLivesMattter is completely wrong... For idiots. https://t.co/wBH3pEtR51
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new... @DalaiLama
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
And y’all thought 2020 had peaked at Murder Hornets and Race Riots... https://t.co/0ssn5NKaRF
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
I might be the biggest fan of @TheScottAdkins films ever.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
Lockdown hair is now at the “too much to wear a hat comfortably but too insane to not wear anything at all” stage..… https://t.co/qDSkSjbY9B
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
RT @MyDudes_: https://t.co/Up7iGyj4Om
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 4 days ago:
https://t.co/F4w8cRi1bw https://t.co/zXXWKkhdy1
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 5 days ago:
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 5 days ago:
RT @AnnaKendrick47: I mean. They couldn’t stop themselves from blatantly escalating things. Even for a few days, even cynically, even for t…
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 days ago:
@Yk_Its_Jet @trickydick80 How is the video feed getting from the camera on the drone boat, to the headquarters, to… https://t.co/KYfjMa3pYo
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 days ago:
@Yk_Its_Jet @trickydick80 Buffering. Could. Mean. 5. Was. 40.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 days ago:
@Yk_Its_Jet @trickydick80 But it’s landed on a drone ship loads of times. They did it 4 years ago.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 days ago:
@Yk_Its_Jet @trickydick80 I’m saying a buffer issue between the drone boat and the HQ. not on YouTube... smh. It’s… https://t.co/1echFuuYoa
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 days ago:
@Yk_Its_Jet @trickydick80 You don’t just think it could have been a buffering problem on the feed? Like when you’re… https://t.co/vvvHrxBUxK
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 days ago:
Noooooo of COURSE there’s no such thing as white privilege!!! https://t.co/2tyCCxP9FY
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 week ago:
@FuntCaseUK @nickyromero Savage lol
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 week ago:
RT @prince: Prince performed this mournful version of "Dreamer" at his Dance Rally 4 Peace at @PaisleyPark on May 2, 2015, held in response…

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