Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
1061 official

United Kingdom



funkagenda has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

funkagenda is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 1061 on the official DJ rankings list (

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|#U|\|K49|=ND4 42 minutes ago:
@marjustmar Come on over hun we always have time for you xxx
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 43 minutes ago:
RT @marjustmar: @Funkagenda That looks obscene 😍😍😍
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 1 hour ago:
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 17 hours ago:
RT @MyDudes_:
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 17 hours ago:
RT @syndiculous: When you say @funkagenda and they don't know wut is wut
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 18 hours ago:
Spicy Tuna Nori Taco prepared by yours truly. Nori tempura taco shell filled with sushi rice,…
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 1 day ago:
RT @marjustmar: Catch @Soultrader_ in his NYC debut 5.20 at @TBABrooklyn for inTRANSIT w/ Crossbow + Deep Woods + @ericshans ✸ RSVP: https:…
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 2 days ago:
RT @laurad_pr: #NowPlaying Vol.36 of @bluetoneboy's 'Music Mindscapes' Mix, ft 'Embers' by @Funkagenda: https://t.c…
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 2 days ago:
RT @__staticmusic: 🔥 @Funkagenda 'Embers' has been featured on Vol.36 of @bluetoneboy's 'Music Mindscapes' House & Tech House Mix: https://…
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 2 days ago:
@YOSushiUSA We went again today... 😂🍣 #yoforlife
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 2 days ago:
RT @YOSushiUSA: @Funkagenda That hashtag is perfect. Thanks for popping in.
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 2 days ago:
Being childish at yosushiusa in NYC... Yes we came here 2 days in a row... lol
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 2 days ago:
Happy 7th Birthday Zoey. Thank you for letting me be your Dad for the last few years x
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 3 days ago:
.@YOSushiUSA in NYC made us this special plate today... OMG soooo good! Thanks guys! #yosushiforlife
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 3 days ago:
RT @Benoo_Brown: I would rather sit next to him than a person to be honest
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 4 days ago:
RT @__staticmusic: 🕺 We have the perfect playlist for tonight over on @Playmoss! Ft @deadbeatmusic, @Funkagenda & more:…
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 1 week ago:
Thursday + Friday are the last 2 days to get Easter discounts! HMU
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 1 week ago:
What was the person who signed 21 Pilots thinking?
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 1 week ago:
|#U|\|K49|=ND4 1 week ago:
Spicy tuna on Crispy rice...

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