Thomas Cook

Zodiac: Aries
Gender: Male
Location: Czech Republic, Ostrava
Account type: DJ
Genres: Techno

Czech Republic, Ostrava


    Thomas Cook, his real name is Tomáš Kuchař borned in Ostrava in 1989 (Czech republic), where still living. He started interest in electronic music, when he was 16. After regular visits of local clubs, his enthusiasm in the music was more and more bigger. It didn´t take a lot of time, when he was 17 years old, he stands for the 1st time before mixing board as a DJ Cook. He learned many things how to play music for the people in the clubs. Thanks these experiences he makes own distinctive sound. In techno music especially hardtechno/schranz , he discovered his passion around year 2009. However in Ostrava, hardtechno wasn´t a much popular. Because of this situation, he decided to start promotion activities, under the name of Thomas Cook. First action of Thomas Cook called Hardsession. This party had 5 parts.Each other organized events gave him a lot of experience. On the last Hardsession, presented czech HT no.1 - Dj Golpe. Each event was organized, however, took place in the adjacent neighborhood of Ostrava. He arranging after a Hardsession 5, Thomas realized the need Hardtechno get directly to Ostrava and therefore that this music to the widest audience possible. If he could not play in Ostrava, in front of people, at leasted at home recording sets, which are then propagated on the internet. His sets started attract over time more and more people, which further publicized on the Internet, he received more attention. In 2011 year, he met Mark Hankovzski and Thomas Cook with his help , he returned to the promoting activity. Marek listened his plan to organize quality Techno event in Ostrava and because he is big fan of electronic music, they started with this idea also realize. One word and in April 2011, they organized together an event called LEXIKON Lessen 1 and straight at the legendary club Bogota at Stodolní Street. This event has received such attention that no one counted . The visit was really abundant, so i got a chance to organize other parts. Thomas Cook course at each event stands out and gets into the subconscious of people and it has been only in Ostrava . Event Lexikon became his child and plans to continue her work . Thomas is still trying to develop and evolve, to his sets and techniques were improved and refined. In the future, he wants to continue playing and in the promoting activities and also trying to work on their own production. Thomas Cook played with names such as: Mario Ranieri, Takaaki Itoh, Space DJ´z, Jason Little, Daniela Haverbeck, Du ART, Axel Karakasis, David Moleon, Tilthammer, Bentech, Jim-E, Atom, Golpe, Whitecker, Destroyer, Kaisersoze, Spiriakos, Koffos, Pavel Krejdl. Roman Hyde, Dj Boss, Koffos, Matthew, B.UNQ!, No-On, Shmita, LamyCZ, Skais, atd..





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