Phat Beat

Zodiac: Leo
Gender: Male
Location: Germany, Berlin
Account type: DJ
Genres: Techno, Tech House, Minimal

Germany, Berlin


    In early 90s, at the tender age of 11, Phat Beat got in contact with music. He was influenced by Hip Hop and the beginning of electronic music aswell as by 60s Funk`n`Soul and 70s Disco-beats. In late 90s he has got his first record-player from Technics and vinyl-records, the black gold, he was addicted to right from the start. After a short while he received several inquiries to make music for private parties and in 2001 he started acting as Resident DJ at the Piano Bar, a dancing-bar in his home-town Bielefeld. 2008 he organized the party-sequence „SNEEK“ in cooperation with his partner, in 2009 the party-sequence „Electro Basement“ and in result thereof several gigs in North Rhine Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Bavaria followed. 2011 he became Resident DJ at the party-serials „Hellwach“ and „Funk Fiction“, beginning of 2012 he moved to Berlin where he established the „Music Hospital“ in late 2013 and organized events at „KaterKiosk“ until this location has been closed. End 2015 he and his partner founded the DJ- and party-project „Phat Effects“ of which the first results you will be hearing from this year.





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