Gravity Kicks

Zodiac: Leo
Gender: Male
Location: Spain, Yátova
Account type: DJ
Genres: Progressive House

Spain, Yátova


    Gravity Kicks, formed by Cristian Grau & Joaquin Ortiz, is a pair of DJs / Producers mainly EDM, formerly called MoonGrau DJS. These guys came very young to the world of electronic music and are currently in a Spanish group of DJs, Producers and Vocalists of Spain (Play Music Experience). Beginning his career in Yatova (Spain), are winners of the Talent Pool in July 2014 on the record label "Full Stop Records" where they get the support of the Italian DJ Dario Synth. They have participated in other competitions, like the Remix Contest for the original Albert Neve called Generation Love. They have very explosive original tracks, Explosive, Danger, Hazard, Meteor ... But most important of these guys are keen to work hard and improve every day and getting reaching of festivals worldwide.





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