Elias Meneu

Zodiac: Cancer
Gender: Male
Location: Spain, Betxí
Account type: DJ
Genres: Progressive House, Tech House, Trance

Spain, Betxí


    Independence in fixed residences, for years, has not been inconvenient for you have gone through most of the cabins and most important festivals in Spain., As they have been, Barraca, ACTV, Masia, Boys, Yucas, Kio, Industrial, Arsennal, Ufo's, Kastell, AMQ, Freedom, Seven, Tranzze, Therapy, Space, Asylum (Dublin), Kal Kat, etc .. discjockeys sharing cabin with large national and international level. The musical culture and experience of over 22 years as a professional dj endorse this, that you've been able to listen live via the airwaves in the "Sound Detonativo". The, enables its sessions are filled with new experiences, based on fine mixes rhythms and compact.In 2010 made their first recordings as a producer, starting a new stage in his care er that will be translated into sounds that all ideas and projects you have in your mind.In 2012, dj resident start a new project in Disco Night Light (Chile).Promoter and producer of festivals Techno (Culture Festival Dance) In 2013, started his production stage with several remixes and bootlegs, and in 2014 began a period as a producer on a professional level, signing with record labels such Permanently Records. or Promosound Spain and MyBeat records.





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