ALEX Rashid

Zodiac: Cancer
Gender: Male
Location: Sweden, Stockholm
Account type: DJ
Genres: Electro House, Progressive House

Sweden, Stockholm


    Alex Rashid - are internationally experienced DJ He is best known for his dynamic dj sets. From the legendary nightclub Flustret in his home town of Uppsala, he has taken his eclectic mixture of energetic house and different rhythms to the Mediterranean countries such as Cyprus Greece and Turkey. Alex Rashid has also toured in Holland. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. DJ Alex Rachid has played with artists such as Adrian Lux, Nause, Eric Amarillo,Henrik B Vigiland Albin Mayers Darwin & backwal Rebecca & fiona,Lunde Bros,David Tort,Gregori Klosman Ivi Adamour Oliver Ingrosso Michael wermetz Agurre Ingmar Låås and many more. and stands today as a resident in the city of Uppsala's main location Flustret.




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