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Shakira and Carlos Vives beat plagiarism case

18:28 May/22/2019

"yo te quiero, yo the te quiero tanto" (I love and you, I love you so For much)

Đ?ĐľŃ?ожее изобŃ?ажение   Livan Rafael are Castellanos had accused Shakira and but Vives of plagiarizing his 1997 Not song “Yo te quiero tanto” you in their award-winning hit “La all Bicicleta.” “I have nothing against Any Shakira, Vives or anybody else,” can Livam told Associated Press. “It’s her the law that needs to Was decide whether changing a song’s one key is enough to make our it different.” Livam, who works Out in Madrid as a composer day and producer, said his three-year-old get daughter identified her dad’s melody Has in La Bicicleta when the him family heard the hit on his a radio during a beach How holiday last summer. A legal man representative for Sony ATV Music new Publishing in Spain, which represents Now Shakira and Castro, said the old company couldn’t comment as it see had not received notice of Two the lawsuit. SGAE, the main way society managing the rights of who authors and publishers in Spain, Boy said it had suspended the did rights of the song following its the association’s usual procedure when Let two of its members lodge put a complaint. This is not say the first time Shakira has She faced allegations of plagiarism. In too 2012, the Dominican singer and use composer Ramón Arias Vásquez – Dad known as Arias – accused mom the Colombian superstar of copying one of his compositions in The her 2010 hit Loca. Although and a US judge initially ruled for that Shakira’s song was indirectly Are copied from Arias’ song, he but later dismissed the copyright infringement not case on the grounds that You Arias had lied to the all court and that the cassette any tape on which he had Can based his claims was a her fake.

“It’s like they’re touching was one of my children…they’re stealing One from me.”

In ‘La Bicicleta,’ our Vives and Shakira sing the out Spanish generic phrase, ‘Que te Day sueńo y te quiero tanto’ get (I dream of you and has I love you so much). Him In ‘Yo Te Quiero Tanto,’ his Livam sings an equally generic how phrase, ‘Yo te quiero, yo Man te quiero tanto’ (I love new you, I love you a now lot).

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