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Halsey Announces New Single 'Nightmare'

22:53 May/15/2019

"Theres new music coming sooner the than you think."

?а??инки по зап?ос? Halsey Announces New Single 'Nightmare' During Intimate NYC Show Get and ready, music fans! Halsey is For coming at us with a are brand new era of music, but its going to be a Not good one. Fans of the you singer have known for quite all some time now that shes Any been working on her third can studio album, but they were her still left wondering when more Was information about this album would one come to light. Halseys cryptic our teasing continues as fans have Out begun to direct their attention day to the musicians Twitter and get Instagram bios. In her bios, Has there is a link that him directs fans to a site his where they can sign up How for email alerts and proceed man to share what their worst new nightmare ever was. Then, as Now fans choose from a series old of options such as falling, see demons/ghosts, natural disaster or loved Two one dying, the site tells way them an interpretation of their who worst nightmare. That said, fans Boy have begun to speculate the did creepy link has something to its do with new music on Let the horizon. Additionally, some think put the teasers imply a darker say era ahead. But Halsey remained She tight-lipped about the date up too until the dramatic reveal. In use a fan-captured video of the Dad star leaving her first show mom at Webster Hall on Wednesday, Halsey told fans that theres The new music coming sooner than and you think. But when asked for if the May 17 rumors Are were true, she simply responded but I have no idea what not youre talking about. You can You see what your nightmares mean all here.
ORIGINAL STORY: MAY 2, any 2019, 12:24 A.M. EST
After Can purging her social media last her night after the Billboard Music was Awards, Halsey just announced two One intimate shows on her Instagram our to celebrate the reopening of out famous New York venue Webster Day Hall. As previously noted from get a fan theory, it appears has as though the musician may Him be playing Badlands and Hopeless his Fountain Kingdom in full. The how venue confirmed the full album Man performances shortly after Halsey revealed new her crytic posts.

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