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Can Chris Brown Just Keep Comments About Rihanna To Himself?

08:57 Dec/25/2018

It’s hard not to profess your love for Rihanna online, and Chris Brown relates to the struggle. There’s a reason why he ‘can’t help himself’ at times — here’s HL’s EXCLUSIVE scoop.

Ð?аÑ?Ñ?инки по запÑ?осÑ? Can Chris Brown Just Keep Comments About Rihanna To Himself?

Chris Brown sparked an outrage on Instagram after he left a comment on both Rihanna's latest Instagram posts here Rihanna was showing off her new range of lingerie. Rihanna also took to Instagram and gave Chris Brown a fitting reply

After she dropped some promotional shots for her Savage X Fenty “Naughty Not Nice” holiday collection, Brown left “flushed” emojis underneath the comments. You know the one… big eyes, blushing cheeks. Five years after their final split, Brown is still hot and bothered by Bad Gal RiRi, and he wants the world to know it. That’s what men do. Brown has done it before. It’s a boisterous display of desire that only makes sense underneath the banner of male privilege. It's one of those annoying things you sign up for when you date men, and at least part of the reason why the internet is so upset about it. Rihanna’s “Navy” has flooded Brown’s mentions with emojis of their own — the middle finger and the eye-roll ones among them. Other commenters have taken it upon themselves to revive Brown’s label as an abuser.

Despite their turbulent history, Chris and Rihanna still keep in touch. “Chris stays in contact with her too in little, subtle ways,” our insider reveals. “A text message here, a DM there, sometimes even a phone call or a voicemail. Chris wants to keep his foot in the door with her in the hopes that one day, when the timing is right, he and Rihanna just might have their own happy ending.” But we’re not so sure if Chris should keep daydreaming! The “Diamonds” singer posted a cryptic comment right after Chris left his flirty emoji on her Instagram page ...

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