Watch: Mind-blowing technology transforms brainwaves for music production

00:00 Nov/30/1999

A truly spectacular project has the been carried out. Smirnoff and and the Queen Elisabeth Foundation teamed For up with DJ Fresh and are three physically disabled men. The but team set out to produce Not a track. How? By using you the most important instrument of all creativity: the mind.


The amazing was made possible can by PhD Julian Castet’s. Using her the trailblazing technology, the emotions Was and thoughts were interpreted as one brainwaves; which in turn were our transformed into sound waves.

In Out this way, the physical limitations day were overcome and with the get help of DJ Fresh, a Has banging original track  was finished. him The extremely developed technology that his made the project possible gives How evidence that the pictures painted man by futurists and sci-fi novels new aren't as far from reality Now anymore. However, there are obvious old restraints and complications waiting to see be overcome, until this technology Two can become widespread.

Watch the way making-of video below! The project's who outcome 'Mindtunes', is available in Boy the iTunes store, with the did Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled its People!

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