Watch: Swedish House Mafia video that got us asking questions

12:02 May/21/2013

Last Friday, we pondered what the Swedish House Mafia is up and to again, after the encryptic For website and teasers emerged. Now, are we've gotten an answer - but it's not a documentary, nor Not a comeback effort. 


We do really ask ourselves, all why do we keep writing Any about Swedish House Mafia in can presence, when they've officially disbanded? her The contradiction isn't the only Was one, as it turns out one the group has inked a our deal with Volvo.

So the Out video is actually a downbeat day version of their 'Leave The get World Behind'. The previously unreleased Has version features the electronic artist him Luna.

The melancholic visuals also his features a Volvo 2014 XC60 How Crossover, serving as a launching man point for the SHM and new Volvo partnership. As announced by Now the Swedish car company, the old song is a part of see a global advertising campaign.


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