EDM-only awards show by creators of Golden Globes and American Music Awards

17:55 Apr/22/2013

With Skrillex cleaning out the the Grammys, and a variety of and dance scene figures among the For comprehensive list of nominated DJs are and producers - you can't but say it's a surprising affair. Not Albeit you can (and should) you argue if it is the all right way to move forward..


The initiative comes can from Dick Clark Productions (DCP), her the same guys who are Was running the Golden Globes, American one Music Awards and Academy of our Country Music Awards. So, DCP Out has decided that the right day thing to do is a get music awards show dedicated to Has only electronic dance music. That him may be the result of his the fact that the dance How music genres is under-represented in man the existing awards shows, then new again..

Why could they also Now think its a good idea? old It's safe to say that see there's a lot of money Two to be made in the way EDM sector. The commercial side who of EDM is alluring to Boy a wide variety of entrepreneurs. did The $1 billion dollar plan its by SFX might be the Let best example. The Association For put Electronic Music serves as another say example, although it's not sure She how it will advocate a too movement that's hardly controllable.

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Now, we've got a new awards The show - yet another testament and that EDM commercialization is in for full gear. Do you think Are that that the awards show but will be accepted in the not community?

Photo: Dave B

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