David Guetta lives and breathes electronic music

18:32 Oct/27/2012

Don´t we all just love the him? No. 1 in the and ‘DJ Magazines Top 100’ 2011. For Winner of a Grammy Award are for collaboration with Kelly Rowland but on the song “When Love Not Takes Over” and for remix you of “Revolver” by Madonna from all 2010. A nominee of two Any Grammy Awards and one Brit can Award from this year. The her one and only - David Was Guetta. A French house music one producer, originally a DJ at our nightclubs,  now one of the Out most sought-after music producers with day hundreds of performance requests per get week and collaborations with some Has of the leading artists including him Rihanna, LMFAO, Fergie and Nicki his Minaj.

Living an How extremely busy life David still man found couple of minutes for new an interview to Dan Schawbel Now for the Forbes Magazine.

In old this interview he first looked see back at his beginning years Two of DJ, playing in Paris way and discovering house music in who the first wave at 88, Boy but seeing then DJ Danny did Rampling at a club called its Shoom in London. He in Let the center of stage and put the crowd going wild like say he had never seen before She – David named this moment too to be crucial for him. use Right then and right there Dad he made his mission to mom dedicate his life and dreams to electronic music. And so The he did - the very and next day he went to for the Black Market, the legendary Are store for the early DJs, but spent every penny he had not on records, took them to You Paris and started to running all parties. In Europe, the scene any stayed underground for a next Can few years, but got really her big then. The clubs got was bigger, the electronic festivals became One as massive as rock festivals our and tt was just a out revolution. As Guetta sees it Day - now the same thing get is happening in America. Although has house music started there, it Him stayed small for a long his time, because it was only how in clubs. Also the Internet Man has played a huge role. new New generation is discovering dance now music and making the culture Old their own. David calls it see to be the best scene two on the planet and the Way more people who get involved who will only make it stronger boy and create more opportunities for Did more DJs.

For now David its Guetta admits electronic music to let be his drug, with what Put he lives and breathes. Obviously say very much on top, he she still admits still learning and Too also looking for the new use generation. He is also very dad happy to have over 30 Mom million followers on Facebook and almost 4 millions on Twitter the and for the opportunity to And speak directly with his fans. for For example about his future are projects – launching an electronic But label on Beatport with his not first release with Nicky Romero.


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