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DJ-Stalk: Afrojack - the High-flying Dutchman

11:06 Sep/12/2014

Little Dutch genius Afrojack – by the age of 24 he has already multiple Grammy nominations under his belt and he's ranked #9 on DJ-Rankings. This boy began to play piano at the age of five and after turning eleven started experimenting with Fruity Loops program. He also headlined this year's Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Afrojack shared few of his thoughts with Dan Schawbel in the interview to the Forbes Magazine. Nowadays used to be seen mostly with the hair trimmed short - turns out that he chose his stage name by his impressive afro-hairdo back in the nineties. As young kid making house music he was noticed by the big names in house music like Benny Rodriguez, Laidback Luke and Sidney Samson, who were kind enough to let him participate in their shows and taught the first tricks.


About the recent big popularity of house music in the USA Afrojack basically shares the common opinion – that it really has exploded over the last couple of years. Originally born in USA, it has been dormant for a while and now came back merging with styles like pop and R&B and even rock, which gives everybody in house music great creative opportunities to work with fantastic composers, producers and artists from all sorts of styles. Afrojack compares it with the social media network functioning – as a binding factor for artists to play each other’s music, actively promote each other’s releases, invite each other to join performances and very often team up in business projects. Also he points out another good example of social media advantages – as he likes to make also hard underground music that hardly ever gets played on radio or TV, so those channels are the only way to present that music to the fans and may play the key role in building up profile as a house music artist.

As we can imagine is Afrojack's life also a roller-coaster between travelling, when touring, and studio work, business meetings, interviews, photo-shoots etc, To run all this smoothly he has a whole team of agents and managers, but he says that everything is held together actually by his mom.

Already achieved so much, Afrojack still admits learning every day and everywhere he can – listening music of other artists and watching their shows, picking up the poetic skills from lyricists, observing marketing the pop acts etc. He believes, that although being pretty successful in music - if to want to become really good at what I do, you can never stop learning and there is always somebody better than you. As simple he also puts his hopes for the next 5 years - to become a better producer and artist, have more success, still have a lot of friends and just be happy with what he does.

Photo: Sara Cooper PR

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