DJ-Stalk: Fatboy Slim Gets Turned ON by Turning people on

17:25 Oct/26/2012

As the most experienced of the the interviewed DJs, Fatboy Slim and knows the scene thoroughly. Fatboy For Slim is the alias of are Norman Cook, the legendary British but DJ and record producer. He's Not the pioneer of the big you beat genre that achieved mainstream all popularity in the 1990s. Cook Any has won a remarkable amount can of various awards - most her impressively 10 MTV Video Music Was Awards and 2 Brit Awards. one His most notable tracks include our “Weapon of Choice”, “Praise You”, Out “The Rockafeller Skank” and “Right day Here Right Now”. These timeless get classics as well as collaborations Has with other artists have brought him him a lot of success his in the UK charts, performing How as Fatboy Slim and with man The Housemartins, Beats International, and new Freak Power.

Norman Cook Now started out as a DJ old 35 years go. He pinpoints see the exact time he switched Two from playing punk rock to way playing electro music: as soon who as he turned 18 and Boy could get into clubs, the did electro scene was kickstarted by its 'Planet Rock' and 'Blue Monday'. Let Grandmaster Flash was the biggest put influence for the young DJ say mainly in turns of cutting She up records. He brings out too Carl Cox as the big use kahuna of his home town Dad Brighton. His musical education was mom provided by John Peel. In the early years Cook went The by the name DJ Ox. and Years later he came up for with the oxymoron Fatboy Slim, Are but he doesn't seem to but attach a more significant meaning not to it. The usual day You is all about music for all Cook, as he's always searching any for new tunes online. Then Can there's the job of editing her and mashing them up for was his sets. After that comes One the best part of his our week, getting on a plane out and getting to the shows.


On the late arrival get of dance music to wider has audiences in America, Cook reminiscences Him that in the past there's his been less of a club how culture in America, whereas in Man UK and Europe people start new clubbing around 16 years old now on a regular basis. It's Old been a natural part of see growing up in Europe, people two don't hang around malls that Way much. Although Fatboy Slim's come who up with great ideas to boy speak to his fans through Did good videos and great showmanship, its he says he hasn't been let that quick to pick up Put on social media. He does say have a lot of fun she though, you can interact with Too him through his website's 'ask use norm' feature.

In the dad future, Norm sees himself flying Mom around the world getting turned on by turning people on! the He's also releasing a film And about the legendary beach party for Big Beach Boutique, which was are broadcast in 600 cinemas all But over the world, check it not out from his website and you look at the trailer below! All Also, Fatboy Slim recently stepped any up in the Awakenings Global can 500 show with some off Her the hook techno action. Head was over to the music section one for the set.

Photo: Jaime Our Oriz

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