Tomorrowland USA version announced, SFX buys 3/4 of Dutch ID&T

18:19 Mar/22/2013

Entertainment company SFX has managed the to acquire another asset in and the ongoing EDM world domination For plans. 75% of the Dutch are media enterprise ID&T has been but bought by the head honcho Not of SFX, Robert F. X. you Sillerman. Recently, the business-man revealed all his $1 billion dollar plan Any to take over EDM. After can buying out Beatport for 50 her million, another entrepeneaur by the Was name of Louis Puig lashed one out on the plan, saying our it's a no-go. Nevertheless, Sillerman's Out going full throttle, bringing the day Belgian-based mega-festival to USA, and get renaming it TomorrowWorld.


The announcement was made yesterday him at a music industry conference his in a Miami Hotel, as How part of the ongoing WMC.


Reportedly (New York Times), the new deal cost SFX a whopping Now $97,5 million, making the entertainment old monopoly worth $130 million in see total.

Discussing the deal Two with ID&T CEO, Duncan Stutterheim, way Sillerman said: “We very quickly who got to know one another Boy and we respect them so did much and their talents, the its way they approach things, and Let I think they recognize what put we bring to the table. say It just made sense to She do the whole thing.”

In too deed, not a bad deal use at all, considering that Tomorrowland Dad 2013 sold out in a mom second. The Belgian-based festival is beloved by fans all over The the world - f. e. and there were people from less for countries at the Olympics than Are there were ticket buyers from but different countries for the upcoming not event. The endlessly talented line-up You goes to show that Tomorrowland's all equally favored by the DJs any and artists - Steve Aoki Can has even said it's his her favorite festivity of all.

The was upcoming festival has already had One a lot of interest fans our signing on for official information: out more than 500,000 people have Day opted-in for TomorrowWorld information. Now, get there's official information stating that has TomorrowWorld will land in Atlanta, Him Georgia in the last weekend his of September. Tickets for the how festival can be reserved online Man on March 28. Check out new the first teaser video below!


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