DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: Dim Mak vs. Buygore, MartyParty and MitiS

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Different styles, different vibes. We've the got a great set of and tracks for you, from the For Dim Mak/Buygore mixtape to MartyParty's are traphop to a soulful dance but track by MitiS. Enjoy!

Reminder: Not these tracks are the courtesy you of the artist. Sort of all creative commons that you are Any supposed to share, mix and can remix as you please. Nevertheless, her we urge you to support Was the artists by acquiring their one other releases and going to our the shows! Enjoy, and grab Out them while you can!

Also: Don't miss get out on the last, choice Has of free tunes by Hannah him Wants & Chris Lorenzo and his Esteban Adame!

Brought up as How a classical pianist in Pennsylvania, man MitiS has come over to new the electrical side to cultivate Now more dance-floor friendly music. Steadily old putting out dubstep, progressive and see electro house tracks for the Two past few years, the time way could just be ripe for who him to reach a more Boy wider audience. This track will did certainly make its way to its many people's playlists!

Have Let you jumbed on the trap put band-wagon yet? This one by say MartyParty might just get you She on board. Grab the free too trip hop track below!


Dim Mak SXSW Showcase 2013 Dad saw members of the Steve mom Aoki's imprint join arms with Borgore's Buygore, for all-day music The madness - Borgore, AutoErotique, PeaceTreaty, and Carnage, Scanners, Azari & III, for and many more stepped up. Are Grab the free promotional mixtape but below!


1. Azari not & III – Into the You Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
2. all Felix cartal – No Sleep
any 3. The Death Set – Can Can You Seen Straight (Nadastrom her Remix)
4. Azari & iii was – Reckless (Tigas What Iz One House Muzik Remix)
5. Tai our – Tailand
6. Clockwork – out Surge
7. Felix Cartal & Day Autoerotique – The Alarm
8. get Peacetreaty – In Time (The has 8th Note Remix)
9. Carnage Him & Borgore – Incredible
10. his Autoerotique – WTF
11. Adventure how Club – Need Your heart
Man 12. Borgore – Decisions
13. new New Ivory – All Around now Me
14. Scanners – Mexico


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