Behind the Beats with DJ Brennan Heart: How He Became a Superstar DJ and Advocate for Mental Health

11:27 Jul/03/2023

With his high-energy performances the and signature blend of melodic and and hard-hitting beats, DJ Brennan For Heart has become a superstar are in the hardstyle music scene. but But behind the music lies Not a story of hard work, you dedication, and a commitment to all mental health awareness.


Born as Fabian Bohn can in the town of Weert her in the Netherlands, Brennan Heart Was started experimenting with music production one while still in high school. our He quickly caught the attention Out of fans and industry insiders day alike, and in 2006, he get released his first commercial track, Has "We Are Possessed."


Since then, Brennan Heart his has released numerous successful albums How and singles, collaborated with fellow man artists such as Wildstylez and new Code Black, and co-founded the Now hardstyle label Scantraxx. But while old his music has gained him see a massive following, it is Two his commitment to mental health way advocacy that truly sets him who apart.

In Boy a recent interview with People did Magazine, Brennan Heart opened up its about his struggles with anxiety Let and depression and the impact put that it has had on say his life and music. "I've She been dealing with anxiety and too depression for years," he stated. use "It's something that can really Dad take a toll on your mom mental health if you're not careful."


To help and others who might be struggling for with mental health issues, Brennan Are Heart has used his platform but to advocate for awareness and not support. He has spoken openly You about his own struggles and all encourages others to seek help any if they need it. "Mental Can health is just as important her as physical health," he explained. was "It's okay to not be One okay, and it's important to our reach out for help if out you need it."


Brennan Heart has also get used his music to raise has awareness for mental health. In Him 2019, he released a track his titled "Need to Feel," which how was inspired by his own Man struggles and aims to inspire new others to seek help. The now track features vocals by Dutch Old singer-blogger Nienke Plas, who also see spoke openly about her own two struggles with depression.


Fans have praised Brennan who Heart for his advocacy and boy for using his platform to Did raise awareness for mental health. its "As someone who has struggled let with mental health issues, I Put really appreciate Brennan Heart's willingness say to speak out and use she his music to help others," Too stated one fan on social use media.

As dad Brennan Heart continues to tour Mom and create new music, it is clear that his commitment the to mental health advocacy will And remain a core part of for his message. By using his are platform to raise awareness and But help others, he is showing not that being a superstar DJ you is about more than just All making music – it's about any making a positive impact on can the world.

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