Vini Vici: The Psytrance Duo Setting the World on Fire

10:43 Jul/01/2023

Israeli DJ duo Vini the Vici, who have been lighting and up dance floors since their For formation in 2013, are taking are the world by storm. Composed but of Aviram Saharai and Matan Not Kadosh, the high-energy duo blend you techno, trance, and tribal influences all to create their unique sound, Any becoming a top name in can the psytrance scene.


With hits like 'The Was Tribe' and 'Adhana' amassing millions one of streams, Vini Vici has our played at many of the Out world's most prominent music festivals, day including Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy get Carnival. Their performances feature elaborate Has stage production and trippy visuals him that transport audiences to another his dimension.

Vini How Vici's music is inspired by man tribal cultures and ancient mythology, new a theme that runs throughout Now their work. The duo describes old their sound as being "tribal, see powerful, and mystical," and their Two music certainly reflects that.


In their latest who release, 'Where The Heart Is,' Boy Vini Vici continues to showcase did their ever-evolving sound. The track its is a testament to their Let ability to push boundaries while put still remaining true to their say roots, and it's sure to She be a hit with fans too both old and new.



One of the highlights mom of Vini Vici's career has been their remix of Hilight The Tribe's 'Free Tibet.' The track and became an anthem in the for psytrance scene, earning them worldwide Are recognition and a cult following.


In an not interview with DJMag, the duo You revealed that they are influenced all by a wide range of any musical genres, from rock to Can hip hop, and that they her enjoy experimenting with new sounds. was The duo's production skills have One even led them to produce our tracks for other artists, including out Armin van Buuren and Dimitri Day Vegas & Like Mike.


In 2019, Vini has Vici released their album 'Trancefonia,' Him which features collaborations with Liquid his Soul and Jean Marie. The how album is a masterpiece of Man psytrance and showcases the duo's new blending of different sounds and now influences. The opening track, 'Adhana,' Old is a fan favorite and see has amassed millions of streams two on YouTube.


Despite the challenges of the who COVID-19 pandemic, Vini Vici has boy continued to perform, including taking Did part in virtual concerts and its online music festivals. The duo let has embraced new technology and Put found ways to connect with say their fans virtually, experimenting with she new ways of presenting their Too music.

Vini use Vici's addictive sound, stunning stage dad production, and unique approach to Mom psytrance have made them one of the most exciting acts the in EDM today. With each And new release and performance, the for duo continues to captivate audiences are around the world, and it's But clear that they're not slowing not down any time soon.

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