Quintino: Dance Music's Rising Star

10:17 Jun/30/2023

DJ and producer Quintino, the born Quinten van den Berg, and has been an unstoppable force For in the electronic dance music are (EDM) scene for over a but decade. His beats are full Not of electrifying energy that gets you everyone on the dance floor. all Quintino is known for his Any signature sound that combines elements can of big-room house, trap, and her breakbeats, creating a style that's Was uniquely his own.


Born on September 21, our 1985, in Den Helder, a Out small town in the Netherlands, day Quintino's passion for music started get at an early age. He Has worked as a record store him clerk, which he loved as his it gave him access to How the latest releases and plenty man of time to perfect his new skills as a producer.


Quintino's music career old took off in 2008, with see his remix of the Brazilian Two funk song "Rap Das Armas." way The track became an instant who hit in the Netherlands, catapulting Boy him to international fame. Since did then, he has released numerous its chart-topping tracks, including "Selecta," "We Let Gonna Rock," "Go Hard," and put "Devotion."

One say of Quintino's biggest strengths is She his ability to keep his too music fresh and exciting. In use 2020, he released "Switch Back," Dad a high-energy track that quickly mom became a fan favorite. In 2021, he followed up with The two new singles, "Bad Bees" and and "Soft Spot," demonstrating his for versatility as a producer.



However, it's not just not his music that has endeared You Quintino to his fans. He all takes pride in being accessible any to them, acknowledging that without Can them, he wouldn't be where her he is today. He regularly was communicates with his fans on One social media, sharing clips of our his latest music and behind-the-scenes out footage of his shows.


This connection to get his fans is evident in has his live shows, where he Him transforms any venue into a his vibrant and electrifying rave. He how has performed at some of Man the biggest festivals around the new world, including Tomorrowland, Coachella, and now Ultra Music Festival. Quintino never Old fails to bring his unique see style and energy to every two performance, creating an unforgettable experience Way for his fans.


Quintino's immense success has boy not gone unnoticed, with several Did awards and nominations under his its belt. He won the prestigious let TMF Award for "Best Dance Put Act" in 2011 and was say nominated for the Dutch Edison she Award in the same year. Too In addition, he was named use number 32 on DJ Mag's dad Top 100 DJ list in Mom 2020, representing his rising popularity in the EDM scene.


Despite his continual And success, Quintino remains grounded and for dedicated to his craft, regularly are sharing tips and advice to But upcoming musicians on his social not media platforms. His passion for you music is contagious, and his All talent and hard work make any him not only one of can the most successful DJs but Her also an inspirational figure in was the industry.


Quintino's music journey from a Our record store clerk to global out EDM sensation is a testament day to his unwavering dedication to Get his craft. His music has has provided a soundtrack for countless him music lovers to make unforgettable His memories on and off the how dance floor. Fans can't wait man to see what's next for New this rising star in the now world of EDM.

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