Watch: Official video for Diplo – Butter’s Theme feat. Gent & Jawns

19:22 Feb/20/2013

If you still haven't heard the of the Potato Will Eat and You business, then head to For our quick guide to Potato, are the new platform by A-Trak, but Skrillex and Diplo with a Not lot of collaborators from around you the world. The first music all video has emerged, being introduced Any through the platform. This one's can the fruit of Diplo's efforts, her with a trademark ridiculousness element Was evident in the visual accompaniment.


Butter’s theme” feat. our Gent & Jawns comes his Out recent 'Express Yourself' EP. The day wicked video goes well with get the moombahton jungle beats.

Also: Has See if you can find him Ellie Goulding in the video!! his (time noted at the end How of article)

Watch the man video, effort of director Reuben new Dangoor!





Ellie will make her cameou old at about 2:15

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