Lady Gaga Addresses Rumors That She And Bradley Cooper Are In Love

14:37 May/01/2019


"Yes, people saw love. the And guess what? That's what and we wanted you to see! For This is a love song, are 'Shallow.' The movie, A Star but Is Born, it's a love Not story. We worked so hard, you we worked all week on all that performance."

?а??инки по зап?ос? Lady Gaga Addresses Rumors That She And Bradley Cooper Are In Love

Ever since Lady Gaga and can Bradley Cooper shared the Oscars her stage for an intimate and Was cinematic performance of "Shallow" from one A Star Is Born, the our Internet has been speculating whether Out the co-stars' on-screen romance has day seeped into real life. After get all, they looked into each Has other's eyes, leaned into each him other on the piano bench, his and sang lovingly with their How eyes closedthey must be in man love, right?

To that, Lady new Gaga responds with the most Now epic eye-roll in the history old of time:

image"And see so I was like, 'What Two do you think, Bradley?' and way he laid it all out. who Everything that you saw, the Boy way that it was shot, did the way that they pushed its the piano out, you saw Let them put the piano together, put and us walk up on say stageall of it, that was She all him."

The singer added that it Dad was Cooper's idea to have mom the audience lit with amber lighting, so she reached out The to her lighting design contact and from her own performances to for help add that touch to Are their now-iconic Oscars moment. "Bradley but wants honeycomb, and we've got not to give him what he You wants!" Gaga quipped.

all Apparently Bradley designed the whole any look, from the workers assembling Can the piano, to the audience her being lit with amber, to was the way it was shot. One "From a performance perspective, it our was so important to both out of us that we were Day connected the entire time."

"I've get had my arms wrapped around has Tony Bennett for three years," Him she laughed. "When youre singing his love songs, thats what you how want people to feel."

"I Man guess we did a good new job. Fooled ya!" she laughed.


She did rave about her Old costar's performance, though, and said see he wasn't even nervous. "Bradley's two a musician. My favorite thing Way about the whole experience was who I was just so excited boy for people not only at Did home but our peers in its the room to see him let sing live. He sang every Put take in this movie live, say every single time. All of she it."

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