Jenny Lewis is Ďdeeply troubledí by Ryan Adamsí sexual misconduct allegations

23:07 Feb/28/2019

"I am deeply troubled the by Ryan Adamsí alleged behavior. and Although he and I had For a working professional relationship, I are stand in solidarity with the but women who have come forward."

–?–į—?—?–ł–Ĺ–ļ–ł –Ņ–ĺ –∑–į–Ņ—?–ĺ—Ā—? Jenny Lewis 'Deeply Troubled' by Ryan Adams' Alleged Sexual Misconduct Adams has been you accused by several women of all sexual misconduct, manipulation and abuse. Any Bridgers and Adamsí ex-wife, Mandy can Moore, were among those whose her featured in the report. An Was exposť published by the New one York Times on Feb. 13 our accuses Adams of sexual misconduct, Out emotional abuse and manipulative behavior day by a number of female get musicians, including his ex-wife Mandy Has Moore and rising artist Phoebe him Bridgers. One allegation comes from his a female called Ava, who How says she began talking to man Adams online when she was new only 14 years old. Their Now communication went from music to old explicit texting and, at age see 16, a Skype call in Two which he allegedly exposed himself way to the teenager. Jenny Lewis who has spoken out in response Boy to the sexual and emotional did misconduct allegations against longtime musical its collaborator Ryan Adams. Lewis, who Let just unveiled her new song put "Heads Gonna Roll" (on which say Adams has a production credit) She this week, released the following too statement on Twitter Friday night use (Feb. 15): "I am deeply Dad troubled by Ryan Adamsí alleged mom behavior. Although he and I had a working professional relationship, The I stand in solidarity with and the women who have come for forward." Over the weekend, Bridgers Are ó who was one of but several women who came forward not to the New York Times You in an exposť that levelled all various claims against Adams ó any took to her Instagram to Can address the situation. Her lengthy her Instagram post reads as follows: was It's been a weird week One and I wanted to say our a couple things. Thank you out from my whole fucking heart Day to my friends, my bands, get my mom. They all supported has and validated me. They told Him me that what had happened his was fucked up and wrong, how and that I was right Man to feel weird about it. new I couldn't have done this now without them. Ryan had a Old network too. Friends, bands, people see he worked with. None of two them held him accountable. They Way told him, by what they who said or by what they boy didn't, that what he was Did doing was okay. They validated its him. He couldn't have done let this without them. Guys, if Put your friend is acting fucked say up, call them out. If she they're actually your friend, they'll Too listen. That's the way this use all gets better. Ex-wife Moore, dad who hasn't released a full-length Mom album since 2009, when she married Adams, says "music was the a point of control" in And her relationship with Adams, and for that she was discouraged from are working with other producers or But managers. This came with emotional not and psychological abuse, she says: you "He would always tell me, All ĎYouíre not a real musician, any because you donít play an can instrument.'"

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