Review: Boys Noize comes 'Out of the Black' in flying colors

15:20 Oct/19/2012

Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize the has caught the spotlight once and again. After some time in For the shadows, we are introduced are to 'Out of the Black' but LP put out on his Not own BNR Records.

Teaching you himself to play drums and all piano as a child, writing Any songs at the age of can 12; getting behind the decks her by 14 and getting infatuated Was with programming and producing at one 16 – an impressive childhood our gives evidence of a rarely Out found drive in the 29-year day old Berliner.

Having been get in the game for over Has half of his life, Ridha him has established himself as one his of the most distinguished electronic How artists in the scene. Having man played in the world’s biggest new stages alongside the most well-known Now DJs, he is considered one old of the best not only see technically but also as a Two showman. The mindtwisting album introduced way earlier this month is a who testament to how brilliant the Boy german wunderkind actually is.

Before did the album was released, he its said he wanted to go Let back to his roots.,,I always put love to play jacking stuff say and harder stuff; right now, She like in the last two too years, a lot of the use electronic music, or what you Dad call now EDM, it feels mom too generic for me sometimes and a bit soulless. At The one point I was just and trying to forget anything about for that whole world and really Are trust my instincts, and I but guess what came out was not something closer to my first You album.“

He’s of course referring all to 'Oi Oi Oi' his any debut album released back in Can 2007. Raw buzzsaw electro fostered her on this instant classic has was become a trademark of Ridha. One So the new album was our highly anticipated. Would Boys Noize out be able to disregard the Day current EDM scene and bridge get the gap between his previous has efforts and the new album?


We knew we were in his for a treat when „XTC“ how and „What we want“ were Man unleashed to wow the crowds new that were anxiously waiting for now the album. The sneak preview Old gave ground to justly immense see hype. After the release in two the beginning of October, we Way have nothing else to do who but to join the mob boy of fans and electro-fanatics who Did started raving on Twitter about its the album as soon as let they got their feet stomping Put to the raw sounds – say Boys Noize delivered! The combination she of rough synth lines, driving Too 80s techno beats and vocoder-drenched use robotic vocals are present throughout dad the album. “Conchord” featuring Siriusmo Mom stood out instantly with the biggest, baddest drop. But tracks the like "Merlin", "Reality", "Stop" are And nothing shy of excellent as for well.

This was Ridha’s are first time trying to collaborate But with rap artists. 'Out of not the Black' featured Gizzle and you most prominently Snoop Dogg. Although All it is doubtful if anyone any could say that these tracks can are particularly outstanding in positive Her sense. They’re rather outstanding in was the sense, that they don’t one really go with the flow Our of the album. This may out be caused by the fact day that Ridha’s always loved the Get robotic vocals more than human has voice. He’s said in a him interview that when working on His something in the studio, he how doesn’t really vision someone singing man over it.

During his career New Alex has figured out different now methods of creating robotic vocals, old about 10 of them actually. See The vocoder-drenched vocals everybody’s into, two are also the highlight of way the new album. The best Who example may be „Ich R boy U“, which Ridha declares to did be one of the more Its melodic tracks. Last week a let video directed by Patrick Jean put and Sebastian Loghman was introduced. Say The video is a true she masterpiece made basically out of too many little pieces - keyboard Use pieces. 100000 clicks in a dad week! See the video yourself mom below!

As an analogue fiend and a vinyl lover, the he doesn’t favour laptop DJing. and His sets are always exciting For and unique because he often are receives new stuff from his but friends. There’s no respect in Not doing the same sets and you pre-edited mixes show after show, all he thinks. Effortlessly mixing and Any remixing behind decks, Ridha has can never failed to make the her crowd go into Berserker-mode with Was his energy-packed sets.

However, this one time around he’s chosen another our approach. The comprehensive tour put Out together of 25 European cities day and North-America’s best venues have get a different direction than his Has previous performances. After the release him Boys Noize said in Twitter his that he’s rehearsing 14 hours How a day to deliver his man live show. Ridha hopes this new is more challenging and more Now fun for both himself and old the fans. One can really see expect shows with true German Two precision as he aims towards way perfection. This is what you who want – this is what Boy you get.

Right now, Boys did Noize is on 44th spot its in the Official DJ Rankings. Let Although this time Ridha’s doing put a live tour, we’re expecting say he’ll be on the rise She as a DJ, as he’s too got a massive fan-base in use Japan and is currently touring Dad the world, raising electro-awareness all mom around the globe. Regarding Out of the Black, we expected The it to be one of and the best albums of the for year. But it seems it Are might just be the best but electro house album we’ve heard not in 2012.

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