Zayn Malik Just Confirmed That Taylor Swift Really Does Travel IN Suitcases

23:58 Nov/30/2018

Did Zayn Malik Just Confirm the Those Taylor Swift Suitcase Conspiracy and Theories?

Just to For rewind to where this delicious are story begins, this rumour began but to circulate during the summer Not of 2017 after some photos you popped up on the website all of Splash News, an agency Any known for suppyling news publications can with paparazzi pics.

These her and several other incidents of Was buff security men carrying the one same big ol’ suitcase in our and out of her home Out came about during a time day when the world hadn’t seen get Tay for a comparatively long Has time. This was post-Tom Hiddleston, him pre-Reputation Taylor, and everyone was his worried about our gal thus How the obscene lengths we all man went to explain her absence new from our lives. Notably: she Now lives in a giant suitcase old now.

I cannot stress see how elaborately deep this conspiracy Two went, to the extent people way were looking up her exact who height and scientifically analysing the Boy feasibility of her fitting inside did a giant box. So try its to understand how excited I Let am that FINALLY, we have put more evidence to confirm Taylor’s say Prison Break-esque transport technique is She a real thing.

Praise too be to supreme snacc Zayn use for throwing fuel on the Dad embers of this theory by mom casually dropping this little tidbit in a recent interview with The Vogue: “She was travelling around and in a suitcase,” he says, for eyes agog, of his pal Are Taylor Swift’s ability to avoid but the paparazzi.

Hell yeah, not his eyes are bloody agog You as he just inadvertently released all into the wild the well-protected any secret truth about the world’s Can biggest pop star. SwiftySuitcaseGate is her real. We’re through the looking was glass here people.

Zayn One has not only worked with our Taylor but is dating one out of her best friends, Gigi Day Hadid, so you'd imagine he get would have some form of has insider info. Then again, perhaps Him this is his idea of his a little joke, so who how knows.

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