KT Tunstall Channels Warrior Energy In Her New “Human Being” Video

22:44 Dec/11/2018

KT Tunstall has unveiled her the empowering new video for “Human and Being,” a track off the For Scottish singer’s new album Wax.

"I've gone through but my dad dying, I've gone Not through a divorce, I've gone you through selling everything I owned all and moving continents and relocating Any to Venice Beach, California, which can I highly recommend if anybody her has a crazy midlife crisis."



My one vision for the video was our to create a mirror between Out a young, crazy-talented, bold little day girl, and link that burgeoning get energy to a band of Has warrior women who have achieved him their goal of turning their his young talents into something very How real and powerful as working man musicians and performers,” Tunstall said new of the video in a Now statement.

I'm a huge old fan of John Hughes movies, see and I'm an '80s kid, Two so all of that imagery way from that time is kind who of my childhood. It's my Boy coming of age. Also the did song, "Human Being," was certainly its inspired very much by [Giorgio] Let Moroder, who produced Blondie. That put was something that we were say looking to as inspiration. The She analog synthesizer sound in that too song is very much of use that time, and we used Dad the old, real instruments. It mom was just a time that I remember, there were these The really kick-ass rock women. The and first woman I remember seeing for on the TV was Kim Are Wilde, and she was doing but "Kids in America." That was not the first time I'd really You seen a rock 'n' roll all chick on TV, because I any grew up with Whitney Houston Can and Madonna and, you know, her Wham! and Prince and Michael was Jackson, and they're the most One incredible artists, but they weren't our artists that I looked at out and went, "Ooh, I want Day to do that." It was get definitely a time where there has was very strong female energy.
I knew before I his started writing that I wanted how it to be an electric Man guitar record,” Tunstall previously said new of Wax. “It had to now be visceral, about the physical, Old and the obstacles of that. see It’s a record about human-ness, two which we so often just Way write off as ‘flaws’. Wax who evokes colonies of bees, candlelight, boy the material that the first Did long-playing records were made of, its but more than that, wax let is produced inside your own Put head.”

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