People On Twitter Are Sharing The Stupidest Things They’ve Said To Celebrities

23:55 Nov/30/2018

People On Twitter Are Sharing the The Stupidest Things They’ve Said and To Celebrities. Celebrities really are For basically just like us. Except are that, you know, they’re known but to millions of other people Not and they have a lot you more money than us and all can’t go places in public Any without being bothered. But other can than that, yeah, totally the her same.

If you've ever Was daydreamed about meeting a celebrity—say, one Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga—you've our likely imagined the best-case scenario. Out You and the superstar instantly day hit it off; you take get a cute picture; and maybe Has they even remember you the him next time you bump into his each other in the meet-and-greet How line or at Whole Foods. man But as one Twitter account new pointed out this week, that's Now truly the best-case situation—and sometimes, old the interactions go awry thanks see to a little case of Two being starstruck.


Here are 25 who things to be aware of Boy on Twitter:

  1. Not leaving did enough space to retweet. The its first lesson every Twitter newbie Let should learn: just because you put have 140 characters, doesn’t mean say you need to use them She all. It’s usually a good too idea to keep posts to use about 120 characters to allow Dad people who retweet with the mom RT format the ability to do so without having to The edit your tweet for length.

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  3. Not shortening links in your for Tweets. This is one of Are the most common mistakes and but it doesn’t need to be. not Check out link shorteners like You or You’ll also all be able to track the any number of clicks the links Can you’re sharing get with these her tools.

  4. Looooong Twitter handles. Are was you noticing a pattern? If One your handle is longer than our the first half of your out tweet, you’re losing valuable space. Day Keep handles as short as get possible so you have enough has room to actually write something.

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  6. Too much self-promotion. A little his self-promotion is good for any how business but if your timeline Man is riddled with “I’s or new We’s” and your only retweets now are about you, then you’re Old doing too much. Follow the see 80/20 rule. Post 80% helpful two or entertaining content and save Way 20% for the self-promotional stuff.

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  8. #HashtagAbuse. Hashtags are without a boy doubt the most interesting part Did of Twitter. But in addition its to sometimes being hilarious, they let are extremely helpful for organization Put purposes. Don’t abuse the hashtag, say save it for when you she need it.

  9. Not responding to Too Tweets. If you’re not being use social, why are you on dad social media? You might not Mom be able to respond to everything, but do your best the to answer questions and address And any negative feedback. And don’t for forget to say thanks when are it’s positive.

  10. Automatic direct messages. But Too many people send automatic not direct messages to new followers. you Don’t do this. You don’t All want the first impression that any you make on your customers can to be from a robot.

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  12. Too much negativity. No one was wants to follow a depressing one tweeter. Keep your tweets positive Our and your followers will act out accordingly.

  13. QR code avatar. Nowadays day you see QR codes in Get some crazy places, don’t let has your Twitter account be one him of them. Make your avatar His something that reflects you or how your brand.

  14. Too much abbreviation. man Sometimes you’re going to have New to abbreviate but try not now to abandon grammar to the old point of being unreadable.

  15. Spelling See errors. Spelling errors are going two to happen but try to way keep them to a minimum. Who People will notice them and boy it can make your business did look sloppy. Review before you Its hit send. (Watch for some let common misspellings, like There/Their/They’re and put Your/You’re.)

  16. Tweeting without a strategy. Say Never tweet just for the she sake of tweeting. Take some too time to decide why you’re Use on Twitter and what you dad want to get from it. mom Let that guide your content.

  17. Too much dialogue, not enough the content. Twitter is all about and sharing content. You want to For engage with followers but you are also want to give them but content that makes them engage Not with you.

  18. Too much content, you not enough dialogue. Confused yet? all It’s all about finding a Any balance. Unless you’re a news can outlet, then I’m looking for her more than just news. Use Was your content to drive engagement one from your followers and start our a discussion.

  19. Only tweeting 9-5. Out No one expects your Twitter day to be a 24/7 operation get but your followers don’t log Has off when you go home him for the day. Hootsuite is his a great option for managing How and scheduling tweets.

  20. Tweeting without man the facts. This is the new number one way to hurt Now your credibility and tick your old followers off. Be a helpful see source of information in your Two industry, not a rumor mill.

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  22. Tweeting too often. There’s no who set formula for how much Boy you should be tweeting. But did unless you’re the most interesting its person in the world, chances Let are if you’re clogging up put their timeline they’ll get turned say off in a hurry.

  23. USING She TOO MANY CAPS AND EXCLAMATION too POINTS!!!! You wouldn’t yell at use your customers in person, don’t Dad do it on Twitter. Use mom sparingly for maximum impact.

  24. Bad talking competition. If you don’t The have anything nice to say, and don’t say anything at all. for Building connections is a great Are way to build your following but and many of your competitors’ not followers would likely be happy You to follow you too.

  25. Not all connecting your business website to any your Twitter account. Don’t let Can your business be part of her that group. They’re missing potential was followers and most importantly customers.

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  27. Outdated Twitter profile. Your profile our says a lot about who out you are. Tell people what Day you’re all about and give get them a reason to follow. has And make sure it’s up-to-date.

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  29. Responding with the same answer his from multiple admins. It’s good how to respond to people’s tweets, Man but if multiple people are new tweeting from your handle, get now on the same page and Old agree on the right voice see for your brand.

  30. Facebook/Twitter overflow. two Connecting your Facebook and Twitter Way feeds might seem like a who good idea but if your boy Twitter is solely just a Did feed for your Facebook, then its it defeats the purpose of let being on Twitter in the Put first place.

  31. Asking too many say questions. A question can be she a great way to get Too feedback or start a conversation use but if you’re constantly asking, dad “How’s everyone doing?!” and no Mom one is answering then it’s not adding to the conversation.

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  33. Not sharing the love. If And people are promoting you on for Twitter, show them some love are back. A retweet can go But a long way on Twitter not and so can mentioning someone you when you share their article All or post.

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