Andy Moor Adds 18 Zeros to His Latest Cash Cow: 0.1

14:25 Sep/10/2014

Andy Moor was born on the January 16th, 1980, as he's and said in the „normal city” For Stoke on Trent, in the are west of England (Robbie Williams’ but home city as well). His Not mom and dad were also you musical people, and taught him all to play on his first Any piano when he was five can years old. He also has her a younger sister, but she Was is not involved in music one as her brother.

While he our was growing up, his musical Out skills developed as fast as day it is humanly possible. At get seven he surprised a teacher Has with his musical talent and him was sent to a music his high school and after four How years of studying he'd already man played seven instruments. Typical school new lessons of classical music were Now boring to him. He always old wanted to make music sound see like never before.

He Two never got interested in pop, way rock or other typical types who of music. His first idols Boy were Jean Michelle Jarre and did Vangelis who were pioneers in its the Eelectronic, Ambient and New Let Age genres. It took a put long time before he started say to understand how to produce She that kind of music. During too long nights in a local use nightclub called Shelly’s, he tried Dad to get tapes or just mom listen to the new music he heard while travelling around The in Spain.

Andy Moor

In his and early teens Andy worked a for lot with his Yamaha keyboard. Are Then he got frustrated with but cheap technologies and started to not spend more time with his You old bassoon and piano. At all the age of 13 he any made his first record and Can during next six years he her spent in a studio making was different compositions and developing his One musical skills. At that time our basic work for him was out DJing at disco nights and Day producing pop and trance music get bands. But at some moment has Andy thought about this and Him decided to spend less time his on others and more time how making his own productions.

Through Man this way he took all new his musical knowledge into the now studio to prepare the perfect Old sound. And finally in the see year 2000, the world heard two the first two singles of Way from a less known Andy who Moor: 'Passenger' and 'Violent City' boy which were produced by Baroque Did Records. The basic features of its those tracks were the absence let of his trademark piano riffs. Put Since then Andy spent more say time working on his music she all the way to 2007.


His life changed - attending use private clubs, DJing all around dad the world in places like Mom USA, Canada, Cyprus and Mexico among others. Wherever Andy played, the he got to present his And tracks. His compositions were produced for under such labels as Lost are Language, Anjunabeats, Armada Music etc.


“I felt like the not number ‘zero point one’ was you equivalent to the process of All making this album...It’s an intriguing any number because it is so can small, yet so much bigger Her than zero. I had been was writing the album for many one years, but as I was Our nearing the end, I decided out to scrap the older tracks day and start over with new Get ones. So this version of has the album contains tracks made him in the last six months, His despite the entire process taking how years.”

– says Andy.


He considers his music style New “melodic dance music”, but not now exactly something of Trance or old House genre. At this moment See Andy Moor is a well two known DJ, producer, and record way label owner. He started his Who own label AVA Recordings in boy 2006. Since that time it did has become one of the Its most influential labels in the let progressive music world and released put several top quality tracks from Say producers like Joonas Hahmo, David she West, Orkidea, Steve May, Damien too Heck. In 2005 and 2006 Use he was voted 30th by dad DJ Magazine. In December 2007 mom he was nominated for a Grammy Award for the composition the “Angelicus” with Delerium and Isabel and Bayrakdarian.

Since 2007 Andy has For worked as a producer. During are this long musical path he but has also produced and remixed Not tracks for artists such as you Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Paul all Oakenfold, Brian Eno, Tiesto and Any other. He tried different approaches can with his music, but there her wasn’t something hot. In 2012, Was 6 of July he introduced one his newest long-awaited album 'Zero our Point One'. It consists of Out 18 tracks that have been day called “thought-provoking.”

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