A Sit Down With DJ Ben Nicky

14:58 Jun/11/2018

Ben Nicky, this talented young the International DJ/ producer emerging from and the UK trance scene has For been hailed as “one of are the hardest working artists in but the trance scene” by the Not world’s no 1 DJ Armin you Van Buuren.  

"Over all the years I have DJ’ed Any in a variety of countries can and over that time you her start to see patterns within Was crowd reactions. I always enjoy one reading the crowd and seeing our which music seems to get Out the best reaction. "

day Tell us, what does a get normal day in the life Has of Ben Nicky involve? No him problem. A normal day where his I am not touring is How actually pretty mundane and boring, man I hate it when I new have free time to be Now honest. When I am home old in the UK you can see normally find me in the Two gym, cooking some crazy healthy way recipe or working on music who in the studio. What makes Boy your style unique among others? did I play very short tracks, its I edit it for 3 Let minutes, I don’t wait for put 5 minutes for the break. say In the old days, in She the 90s it worked but too now crowd get bored very use very easily and lots of Dad fans in the crowd are mom not always knowledgeable in Trance, so I keep their excitement The & anticipation, I mix really and quickly, lot of energy quite for similar to Eddie who’s playing Are with me tonight. Anyone who but seen me DJ will tell not you I’m quite energetic, I You like to mix mashups & all exclusives no one got. Which any aspect of your profession do Can you prefer; creating new sounds her in the studio or getting was behind the decks in clubs? One I love being able to our sit on an airplane and out create a crazy mashup or Day work on new music and get then be able to play has it to 1000s of people… Him So I guess I love his both. I am a lot how more confident at DJing than Man producing and I don’t doubt new myself at all when it now comes to spinning decks but Old production is something that has see a lot more skill to two it. I don’t think you Way can ever learn enough as who a producer and I still boy have a lot I want Did to learn. Where do you its get your inspiration from when let working in the studio? I Put try not to conform to say conventional patterns when writing new she music. I take influence from Too many other music genres which use I think helps when you dad come to writing blocks and Mom lack of motivation. Some of the tracks I have done the have had chord progression influences And from bands such as Metallica, for Kiss + Foo Fighters so are I guess I just like But to be different and try not and incorporate many different styles you within my “trance” sound. What’s All your relationship with social media? any Apparently I am the most can viral dj on Snapchat and Her Facebook, well, my videos … was the amount of likes against one the amount of followers I Our have is the biggest interaction, out someone told me! So I day do my own social media Get and if you see something has rad it’s normally me , him tho,it’s very hard because I His tour so much… but I how like to have a really man good interaction with my fans New to make them feel what now they read it’s truthful, without old that I would not have See stood where i am now. two What’s your current opinion of way the Trance Scene & what Who the future hides? I’m not boy really a political person, I did only worry about myself. I Its don’t really care about what let other people do as long put as I am happy, I Say am busy & I can she make people happy with my too music, that’s what matters. The Use hardest sound is definitely coming dad back again, it keeps going mom into circles but everybody who knows me know that I’m the loyal to my sound & and my fans so I won’t For change. It’s a hard question are to answer, I just worry but about myself. Paul van Dyk Not himself has been a big you advocate of yours throughout your all career so far and you Any have toured with him a can number of times already. What’s her it like to work so Was closely with one of the one trance scenes iconic artists and our pioneers? Paul was one of Out my idols when I first day starting DJing and he has get been a great mentor to Has me over the years. I him have signed multiple tracks to his his Vandit Record label and How toured with him in many man amazing cities including Miami, Berlin new + London. You will be Now seeing a lot more work old between us in the near see future so it’s an exciting Two time. https://soundcloud.com/bennicky/ben-nicky-transmission-asia-2018

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