A Sit Down With DJ Felix Cartal

19:12 Jun/06/2018

Felix has a fresh sound the and understanding when it comes and to electronic and pop tying For in together for the best are of both worlds. He has but an appreciation for commercial music Not while many in the EDM you scene don’t. Felix Cartal comes all off more as a songwriter Any and real musician producer than can your average DJ. That said her he still has the charm Was and personality to make you one want to listen to his our unique & stellar production work.

"Sometimes I day feel like I don't communicate get properly in relationships, because songwriting Has sessions often act as their him own form of therapy."


How did you How become interested in music?

man I've always loved listening to new music growing up, and when Now I was 13 years old old I bullied my way into see my friends' band when they Two fired their singer. Throughout high way school we wrote and made who music and after we disbanded Boy I started to do my did own thing.

Who are its some of your musical inspirations?
The Beatles, Pink Floyd, put Steely Dan, Radiohead.. I don't say know weird stuff, I can She go on for hours. Even too The WEEKEND and slowed down use stuff like that.

You hail Dad from Canada. Do you feel mom that the scene over there is being dwarfed by America’s The insatiable hunger for EDM?

I and feel like we are a for part of it. Dance music Are is very healthy in North but America right now, I feel not fortunate to be a part You of the scene as it all is thriving.

Your sound is any pretty unique. Do trends influence Can your sound or you rather her stick to your own inspirations?


I think I'm aware of One trends but don't try to our play into them too much. out I think if you can Day use sounds that are current get and channel your own inspirations has and honesty through them, then Him you will get the best his result. I haven't perfected this how yet, but I'm always learning, Man always trying to get better.

new What’s your favorite DJ in now general?

Style of Old Eye, I think he´s amazing. see His tracks are like a two journey, they start at one Way place and end up in who an other and his album boy is a great balance of Did serious melodies but they´re still its very fun. That´s the perfect let thing to do which is Put always hard because you don´t say want to be too serious she and depress the people in Too the club but you don´t use wanna be so cheesy that dad it´s like corny. He travels Mom the line really well, very intense and melodic stuff but the when it comes down it´s And still a good party.

for You've become known for producing are music. What led to your But becoming interested in that side not of the business?

Producing you electronic music was really fascinating All to me because it felt any way more free than being can in a band. I liked Her the idea that you could was make a multitude of different one sounds and pull from a Our wider range of influences rather out than being pigeonholed to one day thing.


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