A Sit Down With DJ Alex Kenji

10:55 May/29/2018

lessandro Bacci aka Alex Kenji, the is an internationally renowned and and respected DJ/producer with over 10 For years experience of producing, DJ’ing, are and performing. As well as but ‘Alex Kenji’, he has released Not records under host of pseudonyms you including: Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green all Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Any Kaiko, Itchy Bit and many can others.


her "I’ve never imagined one day Was my passion for music and one that it would become a our real job. I still think Out the best is yet to day come."


Alex get Kenji is just one of Has your pseudonyms that you have him recorded under, Yoshie Chandler, Combo, his Green Sugar…how many in total How was it the last time man you counted?

I have new no idea haha! For instance, Now myself and Manuel have just old made a new project called see ‘Chuva Speaks Arab’ where we Two make chill-out, we have just way released a track on Beatport who called ‘Airplanes’. It was long Boy time ago that I was did not using an alias, those its names you mentioned I used Let a long time ago, there put is always a new name say around the corner!

When She did you realise that music too was a passion of yours?
I think when I Dad was 14 years old… Since mom then I started learning how to play drums and the The synthesizer. I wanted to be and part of a band because for in 1994 all the recording Are devices were really expensive and but computers were as expensive as not cars. However it didn’t work You out with bands, so in all 1997 I switched to Hard any Disk recordings.

Where do Can you get inspiration from when her producing music?

Well as was a studio owner sometimes it One comes when I just switch our on all the gear I out have in my studio! I Day own an Arp 2600, Minimoog, get EMS Synthi Aks, RSF Kobol has and many other vintages and Him modern synths.

Tell us his about your studio setup?

how My studio setup is quite Man large. I have 2 DAWs new but I mostly use one now of them which is composed Old by Mac Pro with Logic see pro,MOTU soundcard, UAD dspcard, TC two electronics dspcard, tons of plugins, Way analog and modular synthesizers.
There who is nothing happening in your boy life that makes you proud?


The thing that makes its me proud is when I let stop working as a graphic Put designer and decide to become say a DJ. There was a she time when I really wanted Too to get into the world use of music and I wanted dad to leave my job back Mom then and that's what I did. I am proud of the my own success, at first And I had time to doubt for where I should go but are after I quit my job, But then I work hard here not (music) and the result is you like now where everyone knows All about my music.

What do any you think are your greatest can qualities as a producer?

Her I’m good at copying and was pasting layers on my sequencer. one I don’t know really…I think Our that people should be able out to judge my qualities , day not me.

If you Get could teach your younger self has anything regarding music production, what him would it be?

Actually His nothing. All the songs you how listen la younger self anything man regarding music production, what would New it be?belled under my name now are 100% my products. I old write, compose, edit, mix and See master all the music I two make. I’ve spent many sleepless way nights in the past years Who understanding how to produce, mix boy and master music. I love did the journey and the experience.

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