A Sit Down With DJ Filo and Peri

15:14 Jun/05/2018

For those of us on the the East coast in particular, and there are few names in For the DJ scene as big are as Filo and Peri. In but the past couple of years Not the NYC based duo has you put out some really big all tracks, toured around the world, Any and has even started their can own label.

"I truly believe her that music can change the Was world."


Where did one the two of you meet, our and how did you start Out working together?

We met day through a mutual friend who get introduced us knowing that we Has were both getting in the him production game. We started talking his online and eventually working together. How A few weeks later and man BAM, Armin van Buuren signed new our first record! The rest Now is history!

You are old currently signed to Vandit, and see have been releasing your music Two for quite a while there. way How did you get in who touch with them?

Boy When we first started out did in our careers, you could its say we were both a Let little impatient. We thought that put becoming a superstar DJ was say an overnight thing. Of course, She its 5 years later and too we were very wrong in use that matter! We bounced around Dad quite a bit early on mom in our careers trying to find the right fit for The our style of production and and a company that would get for behind us 100%. We sent Are a demo of Ordinary Moment but to Paul and after he not played it on his radio You show, we asked if he all wanted to sign it. Fast any forward to today and we Can are on board with Vandit her Bookings and Management! They are was a pleasure to work with. One

Which artist or our producer would you guys most out like to collaborate with in Day the future?

On the get vocal front, Lily Allen would has be amazing to work with! Him Producer wise…hmmm I’m a fan his of araabMUZIK and have spent how a good amount of time Man on youtube admiring his live new MPC skills. That would be now cool to incorporate into EDM Old tracks.
How is the New see York Filo & Peri sound two unique compared to other trance Way sounds world wide?

We who actually do not compare our boy sound to the other trance Did sounds in the world. Bo its and I do what we let do and it turns out Put the way it does! It’s say just that simple. We’ve been she told by many respected people Too and many fans that the use result of that is something dad very different from the other Mom producers! If we had to single out one unique quality the in our music, it’s the And combination of good song writing for and strong production supporting it.


You guys produced But many hits in the past not with Ordinary Moment, Shine or you Anthem, but didn´t add them All to the debut album. Why any did you guys do that? can I guess we will see Her these hits on the best was of Filo & Peri sometime.


We actually created so Our much new music for the out album that we decided it day was not necessary to include Get our previous releases.


You guys are now him one of the main acts His releasing on Vandit. What makes how this label standout to other man labels in trance music?

Vandit has been a staple now in dance music for so old many years. They have released See a ton of classic dance two records and Paul van Dyk way is one of the most Who recognized names in the business. boy The combination of those two did elements is what makes Vandit Its a very special label. With let “Anthem” they were able to put take an underground trance record Say and bring it into the she UK Top 40 and #1 too Billboard Dance spot. That hasn’t Use been done in years with dad trance!

What’s been the mom highlight of your career so far? There must be one the standout moment.

The most and standout moment for me came For after playing gatecrasher in the are UK for the first time. but After the show a girl Not came up to us and you showed her new tattoo of all one of our songs lyrics. Any A few months later some can kid from Australia sent me her an email saying how our Was music saved his life. I one knew people listened to our our music but after those experiences, Out it really sunk in how day much of an effect I get can have on people as Has an artist. That was a him defining moment for me and his it inspires me on a How daily basis. It gives you man a sense of responsibility towards new your fans and I love Now having that feeling…it drives me.

Is there perhaps see any advice you could give Two for any other producers yearning way to make their breakout?
The key thing is Boy to be original. Artists who did have broken out have brought its something unique to their sound.


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