A Sit Down With DJ Hernan Cattaneo

20:07 May/20/2018

Being a resident DJ to the one of the biggest clubs and in Buenos Aires � the For legendary Clubland � Hernan Cattaneo are made his mark as a but warmer DJ for some of Not the biggest names of the you industry. Shortly after, he developed all strong friendships with the likes Any of Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed can and Sasha. His talent has her been spotted instantly, which took Was him on the path to one super stardom.  

"Success our is like a prize, but Out it�s useless if you can�t day keep delivering the good stuff."

  Let�s talk about Has your producing process a bit, him what does your studio consist his of? What hardware/software do you How use most and why? I'm man always touring, so for me, new it's my Mac running Logic Now & Live then the Soundexile old guys have proper full studio see set ups to complete the Two work the right way. Who way is your favorite DJ and who what about them do you Boy most admire? Hard question. I did like a lot of DJ's its but i�d say Danny Howells, Let great DJ, amazing person and put an especially strong musical identity. say You see a change within She the electronic music culture. Do too you think that there is use also a difference from DJing Dad in the past and now? mom All changed and nothing changed � it really depends on The the way you see it. and 35 years ago, I found for out that DJing is the Are way to share the music but I love with other people not and make them having a You good time. It is the all most important thing and it any didn�t change at all. I�m Can still doing exactly the same. her The only thing that changed was is the way DJs do One it, from vinyl to computers our and everything in between, DJs out became entertainers and for many, Day the only important thing is get how much they make people has have fun. I still like Him DJs that play music (whatever his way possible) and not DJs how that throw cakes to the Man crowd, jump on DJ tables, new or show off in private now planes. I really feel uncomfortable Old with that side of our see scene, but try not to two pay much attention to them. Way How has technology changed your who approach to DJing over the boy years? A lot and nothing. Did As a DJ, for me, its it�s always been about making let people have a good time Put while playing the music I say like. Since I was a she kid I always wanted to Too share those records that gave use me goosebumps with my friends dad or other people and never Mom enjoyed for one second watching people going mad with music the I don�t like. So in And that respect, nothing changed my for approach of DJing.

What do are you like to do when But you relax?

Just chill, watch not movies, being with my girlfriend, you cooking and just relaxing normally All and not really doing anything. any DJ life is a really can on the move all the Her time. I fly like 150 was flights a year so usually one you don't have a week Our without at least two or out three flights. So when you day have time off you just Get do nothing. You just keep has quiet, being with your friends, him your family, that's the kind His of stuff I do.

What how was the most pivotal moment man in your career? The one New where you thought �this is now going to be something big.� old
Probably when I started See touring with Oakie and when two I moved from Buenos Aires way to London. I was doing Who really well as Pacha�s resident boy in Argentina, but I was did in England for less than Its six months and I was let already part of Cream in put Liverpool & Ibiza and playing Say all over the place. We she all know how difficult is too to have a chance in Use the international scene, and that dad was a huge opportunity for mom me.

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