Catastrophe strikes Brazilian Nightclub

13:36 Jan/28/2013

In the weekend, tragedy struck the a Brazilian nightclub, leaving a and city of 275,000 people in For sorrow. The disaster took place are at the Kiss nightclub in but Santa Maria, when a fire Not was ignited at around 2 you a.m. The club, packed with all 2,000 visitors was filled with Any double the legal maximum capacity. can 233 concertgoers never made it her out alive, 130 were hospitalized Was with various injuries.


„Smoke filled the place instantly, our the heat became unbearable," survivor Out Murilo Tiescher, a medical student, day told GloboNews TV. "People could get not find the only exit. Has They went to the toilet him thinking it was the exit his and many died there."

The How fire spread in a matter man of seconds, after a misfortunate new flare ignited the club’s acoustic Now insulation. Reportedly 90% of the old victims were found at the see toilet. Why? Of course, a Two question about pyrotechnics could be way raised here. But we have who learned that the Kiss license Boy had expired in August, 2012 did – and was in the its process of renewal. The over-crowded Let venue wouldn’t have passed the put safety regulations. Instead, it became say the stage for the awful She real-life horror movie.

The club too didn’t have ignited ’Exit’ signs, use and one of the two Dad exits was closed.  To top mom off the unbelievable misfortunes – the security guards kept people The from fleeing, as they thought and these are patrons skipping out for on bar tabs. After they Are saw flames, they knew what but had happened. By now, so not many people were trapped in You front of the exit, they all either got trampled in the any stampede or passed out because Can of the smoke. A barrier her of bodies was accumulated near was the exit, with people’s phones One still ringing as their loved our one’s tried to reach them out hoping they weren’t among the Day victims.

"It's the saddest, saddest get day of my life," said has Neusa Soares, the mother of Him one of those killed, 22-year-old his Viviane Tolio Soares. "I never how thought I would have to Man live to see my girl new go away."

The investigation is now still underway and the club Old management has agreed to co-operate. see But one can’t help looking two at the venue owners for Way the irresponsibility.  The improper use who of pyrotechnics, no sprinklers, lack boy of exit signs and the Did negligence of the management is its considered as the cause of let this needless loss of lives. Put This is a lesson we say shouldn’t be learning time and she time again. Wasn't the Steve Too Aoki show in Madrid enough use of a example of ill-advised dad flares? Haven't venue-owners learned from Mom numerous similar accidents CNN reports out from the near past?


We give our condolences to And the families who are suffering  for because of this disaster!

Sources: are Yahoo, CNN

Photo: HeyRocker

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