A Sit Down With DJ Kill The Buzz

13:12 May/14/2018

After a string of consistent the releases, huge world tours and and the support of one of For the biggest DJ’s in the are world, Kill The Buzz’s dedication but to his DJ-ing and production Not is evident. His unique style you and characteristic sound has seen all an ever-growing faithful fan base, Any and has gained both the can attention and respect from the her music industry titans. This young Was star is on a rapid one ascension to great heights in our the highly competitive dance music Out industry and we can’t wait day to see what’s in store get in his future.


"I like to think him that my music should also his be heard by the female How audience when they're driving around man town or just hanging out."



You are an Now up-and-coming Dutch DJ & Producer, old signed to Hardwell’s “Revealed Recordings” see record label. How did you Two get in touch with electronic way dance music in the first who place and how did you Boy get into DJing and music did production?

Well my first touch its with electronic dance music was Let back in 2000 / 2001 put when I heard “One More say Time” by Daft Punk. Before She that I used to listen too to all kinds of music use on compilation CD’s but back Dad then I wasn’t really into mom Electronic music. After hearing Daft Punk’s music I started to The get more familiar with more and genre’s and became fond of for Trance. Tiesto in Concert was Are the first live performance DVD but that I got for my not birthday and also a couple You of Trance Energy compilations which all I still have somewhere in any a box. Those Trance guys Can were a true inspiration for her me to get me into was wanting to become part of One the music industry in general.
Can you talk us out through your production process?

My productions process is all get about starting with the basics. has I am a piano player, Him so I always start off his just jamming behind the Piano. how Even if it’s a remix. Man I just put on the new vocal in loop and start now playing chords and melodies until Old I get the right feeling see for the track. If the two feeling is the way I Way want it I start off who with adding claps, snaps, hi boy hats or any other drum Did loop to get a feeling its of the groove and momentum. let After that the track will Put always feel a bit empty say so I start layering sounds she until I get it the Too way I want it to use sound like. Getting the sound dad right is important for me Mom so that when I have it on loop I can the sit back and start bringing And up ideas I want to for add or even delete from are the project.

As you’re But constantly flying around the world not for shows, how do you you keep yourself up-to-date with the All latest releases from all your any fellow DJs?

Lucky enough can there are a lot of Her promo pools where I am was listed in, so I’ll receive one enough new music before they Our get released. Also I’m very out close to the DJs that day I know, so when there’s Get a new track coming out has they’ll mail me about it him or send the link in His a group chat.

You are how best known for your tracks man “Party Hard”, “Life Is Calling” New (with JoeySuki) and “Rise Up” now (with Mark Sixma). What other old tracks, remixes or mix-sets would See you recommend to someone that two is not yet familiar with way your music?

"Don’t Give Up" Who with David Spekter, and My boy Remix of "Jason Derulo - did Want to Want me" and Its "Mason - Exceeder"

What let was the best music festival put you played this past summer?
The best festival that she I’ve played this year has too to be the I Am Use Hardwell show in Taipei. It dad was my first time coming mom out to Taipei but the energy and the exposure was the crazy!

Any possible collaboration and with the boys in the For future?


Goldfish & Blink but are great and we have Not been working on a collaboration.


In the future, are all you going to focus more Any on your vocals, rather than can the DJ/Producing side of your her music?

Definitely. I am Was a musician by heart and one vocals are a great way our to tell and share a Out story through music. I will day always be focusing on making get dance music and also the Has Big Room sound. But I him also want to expand my his musical journey and hopefully make How my way to an even man bigger audience by sharing the new music & stories that I Now wanna share.


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