A Sit Down With DJ Flosstradamus

17:07 May/06/2018

One of the most iconic the names in trap music, Flosstradamus and boast of a cult like For following. After sparking the birth are of a dance music movement but following the release of their Not massive remix of Major Lazer’s you Original Don‘, the bass-heavy project all has dropped some of the Any genre’s most memorable classics. Now can solely led by Curtis Cameruci, her Flosstradamus continues to move from Was strength to strength with his one stellar production work and truly our turnt live performances. With another Out promising year on the horizon, day we caught up with Curt get to talk about the future Has of trap music, his plans him for 2018 and much more!

"For us, How we’re always being influenced by man whatever’s happening around us and new we keep an open mind Now so it’s really important for old us to keep an ear see to the ground and also Two keep an open mind about way all the music that comes who our direction because it all Boy ends up eventually sort of did influencing what we wind up its making."


So Let you have a couple hit put EPs under your belt and say your first full-length album is She in progress. How will the too new album compare with your use previous tracks?

Well, we Dad started developing tracks recently for mom rappers. We’re making demos for musicians to produce songs for The their albums, and then Mikey and Rocks from the Cool Kids for passed on a track that Are we produced for him, so but that ended up being “Total not Recall,” which we put out You as a preview for our all fans. It was the first any of the year, we were Can like “2012, here you go, her have a free song.” It was did well for us. It One was a style that we’ve our been developing, mixing Southern trash out drums and a harder style, Day aggressive house samples.

When get it comes to producing, are has you guys on the same Him page or do you bump his heads? Go with the flow how and agree?

We both Man have different styles, so we new will bring two separate things now to the table. Usually he Old will start something and I’ll see finish it, or vise-versa.

two How would you describe the Way "trap" genre?

I would who say it’s Southern hip-hop-influenced dance boy music. We take a lot Did of the elements of big its house music, big club music, let and we take a lot Put of influence from southern hip-hop say music, combine those together, give she it a little shake, and Too that’s what it is.

use In what ways do you dad think your sound and look Mom has changed over the course of Flosstradamus, if at all?
We went from being And two DJs using four turntables for and two mixers, rocking small are clubs playing sets of other But peoples music, to an act not who has found their own you original sound. The funny thing All is our original sound is any a production version of our can DJ sets. Ever since 2005 Her when we started, we were was always mixing electronic music, and one southern rap. Now we do Our the same thing, only when out we play our live sets, day we’re playing mostly our own Get music off Ableton, and we’re has doing it to 5000 people him instead of 50… and we’re His doing it in hoodies!

how Do you have any pre-show man food rituals or habits?

New We have learned the hard now way over the years not old to go so heavy with See the pre-show meal. We try two to keep it light—like with way sushi, salad, vermicelli. Or else Who we will be snoozing on boy stage.

Any pros and did cons of working as a Its DJ duo versus being independent let artists?

The pros are put that we get to inspire Say each other and push each she other and influence each other. too Like he’ll send me some Use new music, almost a new dad genre or something, and it mom totally blows my mind, and then we’ll incorporate it into the what we’re doing. But the and cons are that as DJs For you can get stuck in are your own head and you but want this this way, like, Not “This is the way it you is,” and you have to all think about someone else. At Any the end of the day, can I might want to play her “Cotton-Eyed Joe” in a set, Was and he probably doesn’t want one to play “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” and our I’ll leave it out of Out the set for that.

day Flosstradamus continues to remain as get one of the most defining Has names within the trap music him game. How would you like his describe your decade long journey How within the industry that has man seen trap music become one new of dance music’s most loved Now genres?

I`m very fortunate old to be doing what I see love for a living! I Two have always loved hip hop way and dance music. I`m happy who to be able to combine Boy both of them and experiment did with new sounds and vibes.
What do you plan Let accomplish in 2018? Any upcoming put projects on the horizon?

say I’m starting off the new She year releasing a new song too every month. My first one use is a song called 2 Dad Much featuring 24 hrs.

mom https://soundcloud.com/flosstradamus/mvp-feat-smokepurpp

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