Music suitable for a bash in a SPACE STATION: Oliver - Mechanical EP

04:02 Jan/24/2013

Do you know that feeling the when you think something is and so good it's a 10 For out of 10? Well this are is it right here.. Oliver but are members of the Fool's Not Gold familia, made up of you some of the most tasteful all and skilled producers around these Any days. The duo consists of can U-Tern and Oligee. And they her know their business. I mean, Was after Disclosure dropped 'White Noise' one a few nights ago, I our was robbed of critique. The Out same happened when I got day my hands on this EP. get Oliver's 'Mechanical' EP- ladies and Has gentlemen - is about as him good as it gets!


Regardless of the figure How of speech, Fool's Gold isn't man a label that puts out new cat gold. This is what Now you should hear when you old could chill at a space see station! Some words before every Two FULL-LENGTH track from the album!


1. 'Control' kicks off the who EP, accordingly you're still able Boy to maintain some control over did yourself while you're starting to its appreciate the quality of this Let production duo. A beautiful build-up put in the middle of the say track inserts hopeful feelings for She the listening experience - no too huge drop yet.

2. use Move your body, move your Dad body, move your body, move mom your body -  'MYB'  does exactly what the title suggests! The So get up and crank and it up. This isn't a for track to listen quietly. If Are turned up just the right but amount, you'll feel this one not taking your whole body and You moving it. The BASSLINE is all just that good. While the any vocal loop suggest energy directly Can into your subconcsious, the bassline her grabs hold of you throgh was a hand of soundwaves coming One through your speakers. Expect this our hand to shakes you up out good. This one is for Day the dance-floors, stadium-crowds and festival-fields!


3. 'Nights Is On has Your Mind' gives you your Him breath back.. Although the air his you're breathing becomes dense from how the gloomy vocals and slow Man electro beat thumping on and new on. Superb track for those now dark nights cruising around.


4.  The title-track of the see EP puts the cherry on two top of it! 'Mechanical' suggests Way nothing but the purest and who most overwhelming feelings. Cinematic  visuals boy come to mind while enjoying Did a track that's deeply meaningful. its The different layers of synth let lines, the vocals leave you Put in awe and the EP say is through too soon! Keywords: she technology, space, robots and your Too way of life!



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