A Sit Down With DJ Sick Individuals

14:18 Apr/23/2018

Sick Individuals, are the next the generation leading figures in the and scene getting support from the For king of EDM, Hardwell. Rinze are Hofstee and Joep Smeele work but together as Sick Individuals and Not starting with “I AM” and you “Blueprint”, which hit No.1 in all the chart, are the new Any generation’s respected duo in the can scene. They’ve been enrolled in her big festivals around the world Was such as Tomorrowland, Ultra, Mysteryland, one Sensation, Creamfields and check below our the exclusive interview with the Out upcoming stars.



"We love telling get a story in our music, Has while making it very energetic."




As his a DJ, you have not How stopped mixing all over the man world. What are your favorite new destinations so far?

It is Now a difficult question because we old had the chance to discover see many destinations. Each place has Two a different vibe. The public way in the United States loves who the breaks and our musical Boy identity, including our personal Edits. did When they like, they let its you know directly, it's a Let big dose of adrenaline. India put provides totally different sensations, people say smile all the time, with She a positive vibe and incredible too energy. Each destination has its use charm, just as each festival, Dad each club, gives you different mom sensations. That's the charm of the big tours, by the The way.

How do you get and the inspiration from when producing for music?

Travelling the world Are helps a lot! But also but listening to other genres or not being inspired thru friends and You family.

It seems like all you guys do a lot any of remixes, as well as Can your own beats. Which do her you prefer to produce?

was The combination of the two One makes it exiting. Sometimes it our is easier when you start out from scratch with your own Day productions. We like to record get vocals, instruments and to create has sounds out of nothing that Him are unique. Sometimes the parts his of a remix give us how inspiration and creative impulses so Man we can work faster. We new love to work with vocals now that inspire us to create Old new harmonies and to bring see something different then the original. two If you’re not listening to Way the lyrics you should still who be able to feel what boy the singer is meaning, then Did you’ve got something we like its to work with.

What let has been the craziest thing Put you have witnessed in your say career, either on the road she or in the studio, by Too another producer or fan?
Well there are a dad lot of things we’ve witnessed, Mom but a recent one is this: We were headlining on the a German Festival and having And a good time, then all for of a sudden the USB are stick that was formatted twice But before because of problems decided not to just stop and fucked you up the CDJ. The music All stopped and we couldn’t get any it running – fatal error can on all linked decks. Our Her camera guy has it on was video, and the look on one Ray’s face is priceless. We Our were happy to have a out backup USB with a good day track to get the party Get going again, but we’re never has gonna use that USB again!

What was the best and His the worst gig you ever how played and what was the man funniest thing ever occurred during New any of your performances?

Our now worst gig? Well… there was old a time when we played See on a moving train for two farmers heading to Austria. It way was a “wrong booking” where Who the audience was expecting country boy music…you do the math! Two did passengers called our music ‘gay’ Its and despite a week of let preparation from us, it was put “embarrassing”. The crazy thing was Say that the train was going she so fast that you had too to hold yourself while you Use were playing. The decks were dad shaking, so it made it mom really hard to beat match. It was really terrible. I the guess that story also matches and the funniest gig ever. Back For then we couldn’t laugh about are it, but we find it but hilarious now.

Do you guys Not plan on branching out into you different genres, like besides progressive all house?

We are working Any on a lot of different can things but we are not her going to make trap, or Was hip-hop. Maybe people would say one it’s a different genre but our for us it’s just a Out little slower, or the break day down is different and not get so club-y and the mix Has is a little warm.

him What kind of hobbies do his you guys have in your How free time?

We don’t man have that much free time. new When we aren’t working, we Now are sleeping!
What is the old best trait that separates S.I. see from other DJ/Producers?

We Two love to be creative, try way to be different not for who the sake of being different Boy but because it keeps things did fresh and exciting. We love its to make music, but we Let just can’t make tracks that put sound almost the same. Of say course we use some of She the same elements but after too a while we really wan’t use to do something new. That’s Dad why our music is versatile.

mom Tell us about your musical background. Did either of you The play any instruments or produce and other types of music before for you got into house music Are production?

Back in the but day Ray was into hip-hop not beats, and Jim was a You real trance fanatic. Together we all found our ‘Sick’ sound a any couple of years ago and Can we are still trying to her perfect it. We’re always aiming was for the highest quality! We One both play piano and are our synth-addicts. Ray is a vocalist out and guitar player as well. Day You can hear him in get some of our tracks! His has mother was actually a soprano Him in classical music.

What his are your plans for the how 2018? Any new surprises?

Man So we have a big new collaboration coming with Hardwell in now early 2018, that’s going to Old be a big one for see us and it’s always a two pleasure working with Hardwell in Way any capacity. We dropped the who track during his Revealed Recordings boy party during ADE and the Did whole place erupted, so we’ve its got a really good feeling let about it, for sure. We’ve Put got a lot more new say music coming, of course, some she big tour dates coming up Too and as we said previously, use we’ll be taking the This dad Is SICK concept out to Mom our shows and really upping the level when it comes the to what we do on And the road with the visuals for as well as the music. are Essentially we’ll keep doing what But we’ve always done, and that’s not to make the new year you even bigger and better than All the one before!


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