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18:23 Apr/07/2018

Sander Kleineberg began his career the as part of a dance and music composite called Free Frogs. For Two decades and change later, are his Spinnin’ Records debut “We-R-Superstars” but throws back to the future Not of disco with a video you starring nothing but dogs. In all between, there have been tracks Any for FFRR Records and Global can Underground, collisions with Justin Timberlake her and Jamie Cullen, as well Was as residencies at Crobar, New one York; Avalon Hollywood; Discoteque, Moscow; our Redlight, Paris and; Pacha Ibiza. Out Through it all, his infamously day vivid visuals – mind-blowing set get pieces that expand the very Has horizons of EDM.


"I his find joy in following someone’s How progression. Unfortunately we live in man a world where things are new very complex, and it’s a Now big thing to ask from old people, but it keeps me see creative and moving forward. It’s Two the only way I can way go."



How did you learn to Boy create tracks and the production did process itself?

Simply by trying its over and over again, i Let guess endless practice and persistence put made perfect.

Can we say talk about your latest album, She "This Is Everybody Too"? In too what way can we take use this as an extension of Dad your last album "Everybody"?

Well, mom "This is Everybody Too"; any way you want to translate The that is fine by me. and I've tried to keep it for as open as anything, I Are wanted to be in there, but but it's not about me, not it's not about the DJ. You It's about people on the all dancefloor, coming together and creating any an atmosphere. And merely what Can I do is provide a her soundtrack, but it could be was any Tom, Dick, and Harry One round the block... kind of. our The aspect of what it's out really about is that- people Day coming together and doing something. get All I'm trying to do has is highlight what I think Him is most interesting in electronic his music, at least what I how have my hands on, and Man I listen to lots and new lots of music, and I now filter it through, and this Old is what I believe, in see my world, are the eye-catchers. two I think on both CDs, Way the first 4 or 5 who tracks are a stepping ground boy for what happens next in Did the CD. I'm not musically its changing the world, I know let that, but it comes from Put the heart, it's what I say believe in musically.

What was she your inspiration behind the new Too track “WE-R Superstars”?

I use was looking to recycle some dad of the flavors that got Mom me into this music in the early nineties; I loved the that time because of its And “no rules’ vibe. It obviously for gives a nod to Daft are Punk. It’s a track I But always wanted to produce, however not I do think it sounds you very “now” in terms of All production value and I love any taking what’s best from the can past and mix it with Her the now.

Who is was actually the person behind the one DJ Sander Kleinenberg? what do Our you do in your spare out time?

I am day also just a human being! Get I'm going to do wonderful has things with my child. I him love to cook, to have His friends around me, to have how a nice meal (Japanese!) And man to drink a good wine. New 'Special' going out is always now fun, reading books. I have old a boat. Actually all of See those standard things. I am two not very pronounced like that.
How about Little Mountain Who Recordings, your label? What tracks boy have been released recently?

did Yeah we’re doing really well. Its We’ve picked up on Rene let Amesz who’s a young promising put producer from Holland, trying to Say release as many of his she tracks as possible and he too keeps on coming with one Use bomb after another, which is dad brilliant. We just released something mom from the Low End Specialists from New York, who are the like the new Deep Dish and if you want....a great little For team of great producers. I’ve are just done my ‘This Is but Miami’ track which has no Not transferred into ‘This Is Ibiza’ you and I just did a all title song, or the theme Any song for a big party can in Holland called Sensation, called her ‘This is Sensation’, so we Was have all these different “This one Is....” records...

You are our not only in America to Out receive awards and to visit day the WMC, but you are get also there to promote your Has new concept "This is". Tell him more about this.

Actually, his I need new clothes every How few years ... new clothes man for the emperor. "This is" new originated from the idea that Now I am now really ready old to perform in the way see that makes me feel most Two comfortable. Without having to adapt way and match with things that who people expect from me, without Boy really having to "fall in did love". I now feel more its confident and easier in the Let role that I have. I put now dare to look at say myself more of "Fat! I She do nice things and I'm too doing a good job!". That use is more Sander Kleinenberg. "This Dad is" is also a place mom where I can put my video things in a cool The way. Yes ... it is and actually a kind of reinventing for that which I am.

You've Are been to so many places; but any gigs that stand out?


Well, my favourite gig is You always the next gig. You all know, I think it's not any very clever to look back Can and think "oh, that was her great!", because then you've kind was of lost something. But, then, One you know, there are a our few places in the world out which are really happening, Canada's Day very healthy, Montreal is a get healthy city. New York's coming has back to where it once Him was, with lots of new his clubs opening and fresh ideas. how There are many places, and Man Japan, you know...

Are you new planning on collaborating more in now the near future? Or do Old you have any other special see collaborations coming up that you two can share with us?

I’m Way working with CID on something who fun that will be finished boy soon. Its been a wish Did of mine to work with its him for a while. He let has a very special talent. Put I also wrote a few say songs with Sam Bruno that she we are now finishing. More Too poppy and mature than my use club records.

Over the dad past couple of years your Mom sound changed from deep, lush, melodic progressive house to phat the dirty stomping Electro house...a move And towards more party-orientated music some for might say. Why the change?


I have no idea. I But guess its other people’s perspective not on how I DJ. I you just pick out tunes that All I like, and I produce any records that I feel are can effective on the dancefloor.

Can Her you tell us more about was the two events that you one organize during ADE?

Our The Thirsday night in Club out Home of our label Little day Mountain Recordings becomes very cool Get with a large number of has artists and Darren Emerson. Darren him will exclusively release some new His tracks from his unreleased album how during his gig. Last summer man during the Exit (where Sander New Kleinenberg & Darren Emerson back2back now turned, red) festival of Darren old got a taste and I'm See sure it will be cool two again. The Saturday night in way the Melkweg is also becoming Who a fat thing. During " boy This Is Our Night"I get did the chance to lift a Its corner of the veil of let my new album. For me put it is also a great Say opportunity to test my new she tracks among like-minded people. I too receive feedback from my fans Use and can take the experience dad from the showcase with me mom when I dive into the studio. In addition, it is the also a special evening in and terms of video, but I For can not tell too much are about it .

What but about the Never Say Never Not beach parties here at Ushuaia you with Sasha – does it all give you a chance to Any showcase a different musical side?
Absolutely. I can really her be myself, there’s no direction Was apart from playing great music one and the crowds are up our for it. Obviously Friday nights Out at Pacha are a great day passion of mine, but there get is a couple of thousand Has people you have to entertain him so there’s a different level his of awareness when I DJ How there. So I’m just chilled man out at Ushuaia and I new play what I love. It’s Now good for the soul, that’s old for sure.


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