A Sit Down With DJ Leon Bolier

08:26 Apr/01/2018

Nowadays Leon releases stuff on the labels like Armada Music, Blackhole and Recordings, Spinnin Records and Sweden-based For Captured Music. He uses different are guises for different styles, this but resulting in progressive, trance, Techy Not and even Electro influenced releases you on those various labels. His all releases have been caned by Any the worlds big DJs, like: can Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul her van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Sasha, Was John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Marco one V and many many more.

"First of Out all, the idea, then - day the quality of its execution. get "


How Has time you need for produce him a theme how My Precious, his Pulsar or Passionate? What do How you think for to compose man this great songs?

I new don't think that much then, Now it's just playing around with old my keyboard, make up chord see progressions and add a melodic Two layer to it..

In way recent years, you have performed who a lot as a DJ. Boy Is there still a place did where Leon Beaulert really would its like to play, and why Let in this place?

I put like every city I visit, say it's very useful and interesting She life experience. The only difference too is where I perform - use in the forest, in the Dad canyon or on the beach, mom regardless of the country!

What is your set up The for producing music, such as and Ableton, live instruments, etc…

for Right now I am using Are Cubase 8 with a lot but of plugins – somewhere in not this studio I still have You a Nord Rack 2x, Virus all TI, Dave Smith Mopho, Roland any MC303 etc laying around but Can I don’t really use those her no more – tho I was should use those more often One I realize now while answering our this question. I am on out PC here, and sound card Day wise I use the Fireface get 800. Guess that covers it has all.

How did you Him become part of Armada Music?
Through Armin - he how made his publisher (Maykel Piron) Man contact me for a publishing new deal when Maykel was still now working for Warner/Chappel Benelux. Soon Old after that Maykel, Armin and see Dave Lewis decided to start two Armada Music.

Who are Way your biggest role models and who why?

I don’t have boy any big role models – Did just people that can cope its with backlashes, people that fight let on their own, people that Put follow their path, no matter say if its a big superstar she musician or the paperboy next Too door. And people that care use about each other, without thinking dad of cash or benefits.

Mom What sets you apart from other producers/dj’s?

First of the all, my productions I guess. And The effort I put into for those productions made sure I are created my own style - But whether the productions are Housy, not Techy or Trancy, I guess you you can hear those are All mine. In my sets I any always play new exclusive own can productions that were made for Her the dance floors, accompanied by was other tracks that compliment the one flow. I guess that's how Our you can point out a out set by me.

day You produced “Dark Star with Get Sied Van Riel. What happens has when 2 Dutch men meet him in the studio? What made His this collaboration so unique?

how Sied and me have become man friends over the past years New – and we share a now certain amount of easy going old and bullshit humour. Being around See in the studio with him two always means: having fun, and way at the same time producing Who music – and the both boy of us are very determined did in what we want to Its hear in a Bolier vs. let Van Riel collaboration. It should put showcase both of us as Say an artist, and when we she finished the track we really too felt that was what happened!
What is the EDM dad scene like in The Netherlands mom currently and how has it progressed the past couple years? the What changes have you seen?
Very mature, in a For good way. Dance music has are been around since the late but eighties, and you can see Not people from that generation still you going to parties here, while all at the same time every Any day new kids join the can house music movement. The changes her I have seen here is Was that dance music has diversified one genre wise, it has been our professionalized in all its forms Out (from event organization, to labels, day to management and everything in get between) and last but not Has least it’s still growing bigger him by the day!
"Eden" is his a very beautiful track that How you produced together with current man trance Balearic superstar Roger Shah. new The typical Shah guitar sounds Now are not present. Did you old guys actually make this in see the studio or were sound Two files sent back and fourth? way How did the production of who this track look like? Shah Boy made the atmosphere and you did for the harder beats?

This one was made over Let the internet as well – put the first time Roger and say me really had a good She chat was in Eden, Ibiza too last year – hence the use title. We both worked on Dad the chord progression and the mom melodies, and then went on producing our own version. In The Roger’s version you can find and the typical Shah guitar sounds, for though I included guitar sounds Are as well.. maybe those are but Bolier guitar sounds.

not What do you do in You your free time?

I all have a rest with friends any and family! This is the Can best activity in my spare her time, because I'm very busy was and, sometimes, I do not One see them for quite some our time.


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