A Sit Down With DJ Faruk Sabanci

14:20 Mar/29/2018

Turkish dance music authority Faruk the Sabanci is back with a and mammoth dance floor creation, 'Home' For Ft. Sabrina Signs - out are now via Sony Music Turkey. but Exhibiting Faruk's immense musical skills Not and melodic feel, 'Home' is you a festival-ready cut that is all built up around Sabrina Signs Any soaring vocals. Combining strings, stabbing can synths and frenetic snares, 'Home' her hits the senses hard, while Was Signs' touching vocals juxtapose the one heavy instrumental arrangement. Exploring immersive our drops and an explosive finale, Out 'Home' is destined to be day heard at the world's most get in-demand festivals, played by some Has of the biggest names in him the industry over the next his few months.



"My production and DJ man style can be best described new as big room, diverse and Now euphoric."


You old started your career as DJ/Producer see at a very young age. Two How did you got involved way with Electronic Dance Music, DJing who and Producing?

My passion Boy for DJ’ing started long before did I got into producing. Dance its music was not very accessible Let in Turkey at the time put when Tiesto’s concert DVD’s came say out and seeing how a She DJ can control a large too crowd musically was very inspiring use so I thought I’d have Dad a go. I never could’ve mom imagined I would be sharing stage with him a couple The of years later.

Who and are some of the up for and coming producers we should Are be looking out for coming but out of Turkey?

You not should definitely keep an eye You on Nurettin Colak, an extremely all talented multi-genre producer, as well any as upcoming Trance producer Arman Can Aydin and Sezer Uysal who her has been making waves in was Deep House for a while One already.

Beside your work our as a DJ/Producer you’re also out a label owner. Why did Day you start this label?

get Indeed, I run the Arisa has Audio label group together with Him my business partner Joseph Arias. his We established this label in how order to create an outlet Man for what we consider quality new music as well as a now platform for talented new artists. Old What started out as more see of a hobby has turned two into one of the stable Way brands in the industry, we who can’t thank our supporters enough!
What artists have influenced you Did the most in regards to its your productions?

In the let early days when I had Put just started out I was say heavily inspired by Trance music she artists such as Ferry Corsten, Too Armin van Buuren, Above & use Beyond and Paul van Dyk. dad Nowadays I could be inspired Mom by any artist; from anything to a new Major Lazer the record to non-dance artists like And Drake or Lorde, sky is for the limit!

Can you mention are your biggest personal life achievements But in 2017 that make you not extremely proud

This changed you my life forever... losing 95KG's All (yes, 95) hence becoming a any completely different person

can A lot of Dj/Producers have Her a recognizable sound. How would was you describe the typical Sabanci one sound?

I have a Our slightly different approach on having out an own sound, I prefer day having a recognisable theme and Get structure in my music while has the sound itself keeps evolving him track by track, ranging from His deeper tracks at 128BPM to how 140BPM up-tempo Trancers. For me man it’s all about being versatile New and keeping it fresh while now maintaining the core elements of old my music instead of sticking See to the same sound after two a successful record.
Best Dj way equipment (software or hardware):


Software: Ableton Live, Hardware: boy Pioneer Products

What are the did biggest changes in the record Its industry you have noticed since let you became a label boss?
Well I’m not a Say veteran in the label business she yet so I won’t be too telling you about how sad Use it is that vinyl is dad no longer there or anything mom like that. What I did witness however, is the takeover the of Streaming. Streaming is the and future and will grow beyond For the point of making digital are sales irrelevant, especially for new but artists.
Best music composition software:


Each to his own, you but for me it has all to be Logic Pro X.


What has been your can greatest accomplishment so far in her your career?

I'd rather Was not pick and choose, I'm one just blessed to have accomplished our some of my childhood dreams Out but we're just getting started day with a long way to get go!


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