All you producers out there - looking forward to Ableton 9? Get an extensive and close look!

17:58 Jan/17/2013

Ableton is always making their the products better coming up with and new improvements and features. There's For a lot to look forward are to in the 9th version but of the leading music production Not program. During the 44-minute video, you Tom Cosm will show you all the different aspects of the Any upcoming edition. One of the can more intruiging features is the her ability to extract grooves, melodies Was and rhythms from any track one and transform it into a our MIDI format. Below, there's also Out a shorter video by Point day Blank's Music School, showing you get exactly how you'll be able Has to do the aforementioned MIDI him conversion. Certainly a lot to his look forward to - have How fun discovering Ableton 9 set man to launch in the first new quarter of 2013!



Photo: aleXwire


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