A Sit Down With DJ Nicole Moudaber

12:06 Mar/11/2018

Nicole’s love for music and the community led her from a and successful career as a promoter For to becoming one of the are most highly respected DJ and but Music Producers in techno and Not house music today. An international you figure, Nicole is also credited all for being among the first Any to bring electronic dance music can to Beirut, Lebanon.


"What we do, is Was more than bring people together one – you can say we our bring people together but all Out music does that."

In your relatively short get producing career your sound has Has quickly spread across the world, him and you possess the uncanny his ability to bring the life How out of your audience wherever man you go. Regardless of background, new race, sexuality, etc, there is Now an aspect about techno music, old which allows it to transcend see across social boundaries and bring Two people together. What, to you, way makes techno different then any who other genre of music?

Boy I don’t think you should did just categorize it as just its techno, I think you should Let categorize it as our dance put culture. And that is the say building foundation of our dance She culture is to merge with too anyone, from whoever you came use from, whoever you are, whether Dad you are rich, poor, black mom white, yellow, gay, non-gay, this is what we started the The foundation with. It’s just to and join everybody under one roof for and just enjoy the music, Are and love everybody the same but way, and get out form not all these stigmas and conventional You lifestyles that people put upon all us. This is what we any started in the first place, Can and it’s continuing. It’s not her techno, it could be anything. was The spirituality behind what we One do, and the culture, and our the basis of it, is out that. It’s to all be Day one and together with everyone get – a classless kind of has vibe. This is what we Him do.

Are there any his artists you’re hoping to collaborate how with that you haven’t yet?
I’ve been in touch new with Green Velvet – we now have plans to do a Old record together, as well as see Chris Liebing – I’m doing two a collaboration with him. Also, Way Carl Cox wants to do who a an EP on my boy label, on his own, so Did I’m waiting for him to its deliver that. There are exciting let names coming through, as well Put as new kids on the say block like Matt Sassari. I she just signed an EP with Too him. Another guy to look use out for, his name is dad Alvaro AM. It’s quite varied. Mom As long as the records hit me and as long the as I can play it, And then it’s definitely a Mood for sound.

When you go to are DJ in different territories, all But over the world, how do not you research what kinds of you music the local audiences enjoy?


You know, this comes with any experience. I don't tend to can change too much. I play Her between house and techno and was I read the crowd, see one what they're into and build Our it from there.

You clearly out are an expert at playing day the computer as an instrument. Get How has the new technology has PLAYdifferently developed by Richie Hawtin him helped you grow as an His artist this past year?

how Actually, it was my first man time using this new gear New at Awakenings in mid-October— so now not long ago. I have old to say it has turned See my way of mixing around two completely because the mixer encourages way a totally different way of Who DJing. It looks nothing like boy the traditional mixers we are did used to. Obviously, getting used Its to it takes a bit let of time, as with any put new set up, but I Say love what it can do she for me. Using all six too channels allows me to elaborate Use and go really wild with dad my semi-live DJ set. That’s mom what I would call it now, because there are a the lot of live elements coming and into play not just straight For Djing and playing records in are the traditional way. I normally but have four decks on the Not go anyway and now having you these additional channels allows me all to go even further by Any firing samples that I’ve gathered, can one shot hits of any her kind of sound or sample Was loops I have prepared and one being able to be creative our on the fly all night Out long. I am so excited day now when I DJ and get this is only the beginning. Has There is so much to him learn and so much to his do sonically with all the How new gear and the software man that I have at the new moment!

How have you Now seen the American dance music old audience grow and evolve since see your rise to fame?

Two Absolutely, I mean I’ve been way doing this solid for 3 who years now, and I`ve done Boy many festivals in America. And did I think the kids, who its were probably 18 at the Let time, are 21 now, and put they are allowed to go say to clubs. Which means they She are able to discover a too whole new world, with whole use new sounds, with all of Dad these amazing djs who are mom coming to the states from all over. And definitely, this The is where the shift is and beginning now, because these people for are exposed to a different Are kind of sound and music. but I mean, EDM, what does not that mean? You know, it’s You pop, trash, commercial, Electro for all the “1 IQ” person out any there, with a three note Can melody, like a Christmas carol her – common! Its just not was clever at all! Its just One so stupid. So thank god our we have a shift, you out know. Come and experience some Day intelligent and clever kind of get sound, basically!

What has has been one of your favourite Him career memories so far?
I would say the how first time I did a Man b2b with Carl Cox at new Space Ibiza. That was a now moment for me, obviously because Old he’s such a legend, and see he came as a surprise. two I was about to get Way on the decks, on his who night, on the Tuesday for boy Revolution Continues in Ibiza. We Did were back in the office, its I was ten minutes from let getting on stage and he Put just said,“well just play for say half an hour, I’m going she to hop on and we’re Too going to do a b2b use set together.” I said,“Oh My dad God!”, so that was quite Mom a moment for me. Obviously we did it again afterwards, the but that was definitely a And highlight.

You’ve got Guti, for Marino Canal, and Alex Tepper are all billed on your upcoming But Her Dub Material EP. Can not you tell us a bit you about the sound and what All to expect?

This release any is a bit different than can what I’m known for production Her wise. It’s very deep it’s was very dubby. And it’s the one kind of style that I’m Our really into, and that I out play a lot on certain day hours. Either on warm-up sets Get when I do long sets, has or after-hours kind of vibe. him Obviously I’m a huge fan His of Guti, Marino Canal, and how Alex. I invited them to man do their own interpretations of New that single. And I think now the package is very strong old as it is. Marino Canal See is a very very talented two up and coming Spanish producer way that I hooked up with Who recently. I invited him to boy play my Mood day party did at Miami Music Week at Its The Raleigh Hotel pool party, let and as well as when put we took over Output the Say following week in New York. she He’s definitely one to watch too out for because he’s super Use talented. Guti there’s no need dad to introduce him; he’s an mom amazing tech house producer, and I really love his style the as well. Alex Tepper is and an English based producer as For well, and he’s more on are the tougher tech house vibe. but So the package caters for Not different kind of floors and you different sounds. It’s exciting for all me especially, because it’s a Any bit different than my normal can “big room sounding” kind of her tracks, if I may say.
Dalt Vila is a one very unique and special venue our overlooking the beautiful Ibiza Town. Out What do you love the day most about this particular venue get and why?

For me, Has Dalt Vila is very special. him I have been living in his Ibiza over the past 17 How years now so I know man a lot about the history new of this island and Dalt Now Vila has an amazing history. old It was discovered by the see Phoenicians and the Phoenicians are Two Lebanese right now, I’m a way part of it and that who is my connection, it is Boy my part of my DNA. did It is a magical place, its it has a lot of Let energy, history and is managed put by the UNESCO World Heritage say Centre now. This year has She provided another magical moment again too like it has with all use previous years.

What 3 Dad tracks in your play list mom never fail to get the dance floors crazy across the The world, and why you think and they have such an effect?
Psyk – The Eclipse Are – it’s deep, hypnotic with but a distinct deep stab, I’ve not been hammering this one just You to get me in a all deeper mood during my sets.
My remix of Carl Can Cox – Kommen Zusammen – her (it’s deep and tough at was the same time with a One chunky deep kick with a our vocal drop thrown in with out tension, it has an interesting Day drum pattern midway through and get it works every time in has festivals and club shows alike Him when it’s pitched down.

his Kazbah Zoo & OniWax – how New Era (it’s deep tech Man and melodic which I love. new it’s perfect for sunrise moments now or after hours)

Where do Old the audiences go the wildest?


Oh my! Holland, they really two like their techno there. You Way can get really deep and who meaningful. Glasgow and the north boy of England too. They like Did it really tough. They're really its crazy up there, I love let it. They just go off Put big, ha! In the States, say it's deeper, more chunky. So, she there's a bit of everything. Too You just follow the vibe, use the energy. These days, everyone's dad really receptive. People are very Mom clued up. Whatever you play for them, they get it. the They've been clubbing for a And while.

Finally, you run for your own label, MOOD Records. are What is the release schedule But like for your label over not the next couple of months you and what kind of productions All can we expect from MOOD?
I have tonnes of can amazing up and coming artists Her on the label now. I’m was going slightly deep and melodic one with the next collection of Our releases. Obviously, I like all out kinds of music and want day to showcase and play that. Get MOOD is really, really good has at the moment. I am him also planning on a remix His package for my collaboration with how Carl Cox which was my man first release on the label. New It was called ‘See You now Next Tuesday’. Also, I am old doing lots of random nights See all over the world. I two have my own big stage way festival with the biggest North Who American festival organisers, EDC. I’m boy doing MoodZONE for the second did time – last year I Its did one in New York, let this year I am in put Vegas. There will also be Say another one in California in she October. I am also doing too MoodZONE in Munich, this is Use another stage festival with Utopia dad so there is a lot mom going on – it’s amazing!


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