Mad Decent headmaster Diplo shares thoughts on his book, Stereosonic 2012 and more

14:30 Jan/15/2013

Diplo aka Thomas Wesley Pentz the is keeping it real with and a 'Trap Hawk Down' mission For ahead soon. If you haven't are gotten the update yet, take but a look at the action-packed Not tour schedule and forth-coming collaborator-filled you album. The Mad Decent boss all is living up to his Any flamboyant style. Just recently, a can recap of Stereosonic 2012, with her an interview about his book Was and DJing style was published. one Get to know the book, our if you haven't already and Out check out the professional video day piece. Diplo's supposed to be get the interviewee, while Drillex should Has be the interviewer - but him it's all mixed up. Diplo his shared his thoughts on more How general matters, like ghost-writing for man other artists and such on new the EMC panel, you can Now check out here!


If you didn't know, Diplo see published a book entitled '128 Two Beats Per Minute' in March way 27, 2012. You can acquire who it via Rizzoliusa, which describes Boy the piece as follows:

" did '128 Beats Per Minute' follows its Diplo on this fantastic journey, Let from his involvement with dub put reggae in Jamaica to the say electro/techno underground in Tel Aviv. She Each chapter chronicles his tastes too and travels, complete with tweets use and playlists, as documented by Dad photographer Shane McCauley. '128 Beats mom Per Minute' provides unique access to the hottest scenes shaping The music’s landscape today."

Rolling Stone and commented:

"A new book, 128 for Beats Per Minute, collects pictures Are of Diplo hanging out in but exotic locales with beautiful people; not the Travel Channel wanted to You make a show documenting his all journeys (it fell through); a any Korean beer company paid him Can $80,000 to play a show her with Major Lazer, his whimsical was dancehall project; and billion-dollar brands One from BlackBerry to Beyoncé have our hired him (the former for out an ad campaign, the latter Day for two songs on 4M), get hoping that some of his has cool will rub off."

Watch Him the recap of Stereosonic 2012, his scenes changing between ecstatic party how shots and Diplo's interview!


Photo: Ryan Polei

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