A Sit Down With DJ Undeground Resistance

14:37 Mar/13/2018

The main surprise from the the last GéNéRiQ festival was obvisouly and the coming of the legendary For producers from Undeground Resistance. UR are is a label but also but the name for an impressive Not group of producers and djs, you all originating from Detroit such all as Mike Banks, Jeff Mills Any and Robert Hood. They truly can shaped the history of techno her in the 90’s in the Was United States



"Some type of entity our that can bring people together Out and i think music is day one of the easiest way get to do this."

Are you yourself from him Detroit ?

Yes, I his was born and raised in How Detroit, I still live there, man it’s been going on for… new I’m not going to give Now the actual age, but 30 old something years ! I’ve been see here the whole time so Two i’m engrained in the culture way as far the city, all who of my family still live Boy there so i’m not going did anywhere anytime soon.

You its have always remained true to Let your convictions, especially in your put way of staying in the say shadow, always independent and underground. She Have you ever had any too doubts about this attitude? You've use never been tempted to make Dad concessions?

Of course, sometimes mom you have an offer, it makes you want ... If The one day my mother needs and an operation of the heart, for I should perhaps go beyond Are my principles and sell me but to save her. I touch not wood so that does not You happen. Money can be a all great temptation, but it will any never buy a soul. My Can grandfather, who played a very her important role in my education, was once said to me, "At One one time, ours were slaves, our be careful never to become out one. "

What do Day you think about the new get band, Prophets of Rage, with has Chuck D, RATM…?

Anything Him they do I love, I’m his all with that man. A how lot of people wonder if Man there’s anything to still resist, new to fight about. All I now can say is last summer Old in Detroit, a city which see has been ravaged by violent two crime and crack cocaine, we Way have radio stations there, and who instead of choosing diverse program boy content, our number one record Did last year was, ‘I’m in its love with the Coco’ by let O.T. Genasis. Now O.T. Genasis Put has got his right to say be on the radio, make she his cocaine jam, but really, Too really, is that what we use get after 40 years of dad crack cocaine? Chinese, Israeli military Mom firearms all up in the damn city? Death after death, the after death, after death, police And killed enough, is that what for we get for the number are one hit record? No Carl But Craig, no Flying Lotus, no not Prophets of Rage , none you of this, all of this All is gone off the radio. any So when I say education, can what you guys are doing Her with this radio station, and was I know you don’t have one bandwidth or enough power to Our do what you wanna do, out you can’t compete with the day heavy airwaves, but don’t worry Get technology will make a way. has That transmitter based dinosaur ass him radio will be gone soon. His People will be able to how hear what they need to man hear. Sometimes community needs to New hear something different, something exciting, now and that’s what happened in old Detroit with Electrifying Mojo. We See got to hear something that two propelled us way past the way moment, even though the moment Who was messed up with drugs boy and heroin. You at least did have to imagine something better, Its different, and the thought of let a future is what makes put hope. For us we were Say very very fortunate to have she Radio DJs, that cared about too the community, and played what Use they thought the community needed. dad The market was so discarded, mom who cared about Detroit? So obviously radio-wise, they didn’t care the about what we listened to, and it was a garbage market, For nobody had money to buy are anything, so that the DJs but actually could play what was Not needed.

We just saw you you play live ; you’re all a multi-instrumentalist, you were playing Any on a synthesizer but you can also know how to play her the guitar. Is it first Was because you’re a musician and one that you share the same our feeling with the others that Out you’re part of the Interstellar day Fugitives adventure ?

get I think the connection is Has more than just being a him musician. The first connect is his being from Detroit. I know How that’s cliché to say but man it’s to be able to new connect with somebody on a Now personal level. We joke around old a lot and you can see tell certain jokes that someone Two else can understand. On our way way over here tonight, we who were laughing about stuff that Boy used to happen on the did playgroung in school. That’s the its type of connection first of Let all. It’s like having a put deeply rooted connection. Me and say Mike grew up on the She same part of town, he’s too a little bit older than use me but we can identify Dad around these types of story. mom Musically, i didn’t even start playing keyboards until i joined The with the group ; Mike and would show me a lot for of stuff. We also have Are this new guy, Jon Dixon but and he’s an amazing keyboard not player so we share knowledge You internally and we learn some all stuff from these guys. The any connection more than anything is Can personal.

How about the her crowd, and their response to was the music?

I had One several people come up and our acknowledge the Detroit sound, ask out what record I had just Day played, etc. And not a get single bad request! One guy has told me it was his Him birthday this past week, he his saw the listing for UR how in Shanghai and had to Man bring himself and ten other new friends for the party. The now dancefloor was packed and from Old what I've been told, that see is not a common thing two in some of the bigger Way night clubs around town!

who Have you ever been tempted boy to live in Europe, where Did techno music is more popular its than in the United States?
I must confess to Put you that I do not say have too much confidence in she the Europeans. I find that Too there are few real people. use In Europe, everything seems so dad complex. In Detroit, people are Mom simpler. There are so many people who have received a the higher education, they always ask And us tons of questions about for many things we do not are know. I can talk to But you about Detroit, but apart not from that, what do I you really know? In this context, All I prefer to do my any job: play in Europe and can then return to the United Her States. In addition, while traveling, was I see lots of things one that I then tell the Our kids in my city. If out you knew how much our day adventures fascinate them ... We Get are an example of success has in their eyes, much more him rewarding than the dealers who His squat their streets. And that how is also a great reason man to stay in Detroit.

New Radio was really important back now in the day to discover old new music?

Yes it See created Detroit techno, that’s how two powerful it was. I don’t way think anybody in Detroit techno Who is a genius, there’s some boy gifted guys like Derrick (May), did I think he’s definitely gifted; Its Carl Craig, I’ve worked with let a lot of them, Jeff put Mills, extremely gifted, Robert Hood. Say The truth of the matter she is, when you go to too a good club and there’s Use a good DJ, the DJ dad really makes the record by mom mixing the 2 records together, all you have to do the is listen and see the and reaction of the people, it For tells you what the next are record could be, it’s not but a genius thing, it’s a Not being here thing, it’s a you living it type of thing. all I think our DJs on Any the radio, back in the can day, which was Jeff Mills, her Jeff pretty much played whatever Was was funky, whatever he thought one was happening. We had Alan our Oldham who was very important Out in college radio WDET. Alan day Oldham was really into industrial get music, of course, that led Has him into UR, Richie Hawtin. him I know he was the his first guy to play +8 How on the radio, as well man some of the UR stuff. new John Collins was on the Now radio, Duane “in the Mix” old Bradley too. Radio was free, see it had free moments, I’m Two sure they had programing as way well, but it had free who moments that really made the Boy recipe for Detroit. I think did all the guys they really its enjoyed music and kinda DJed Let as well, they made what put they thought should be made, say and of course that parlayed She through Detroit techno. Again, I too don’t think any particular person use was a genius, I think Dad we got some really brave mom radio pioneers like Jeff, but the main one was Electrifying The Mojo because he literally broke and people like the B52’s, which for you would never think would Are happen in Detroit, B52’s, David but Bowie, Prince. He would play not anything George Clinton brought, he You walked into his studio: ‘hey all man play this’, you could any hear him talking, and he Can put it on, it was her real.

Do you think was the vinyl will totally disappear?
No, he always had our competitors and he did well. out At the end of the Day 70's, it was the copy get on the tapes, then the has CD arrived. Vinyl has survived Him many opponents, it's a veteran his somewhere. When I play vinyl how and a kid comes to Man ask me why his mp3 new sounds worse than my record, now I laugh and I answer Old that it's normal, that I'm see just playing the original source two and that the best would Way he go to buy the who vinyl and then copy it boy to mp3!

What's your Did impression of the Void crew its and their work in Shanghai let so far? What are they Put doing right / wrong, what say do you recommend they do she to stay true to their Too mission?

Well I can't use say anything bad about my dad hosts now can I?? Seriously Mom though, they're laid back, smart guys who are passionate about the this music. Anyone in the And music business right now can for tell you, this isn't a are quick cash kind of business... But you gotta have passion for not the music and what it you brings to people. The main All recommendation I'd say is just any stay focused. The more people can get turned on to your Her events, the bigger the temptation was there is to just cash one in on your audience.

Our https://soundcloud.com/undergroundresistance/thedeacon-fuji

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