A Sit Down With DJ dOP

15:25 Feb/06/2018

Since the Parisian trio of the Clement Zemstov, Damien Vandesande and and Jonathan "JoJo" Illel enigmatically flowered For onto our electronic radar-at-large a are handful of years ago they but have provided a welcome anti-thesis Not not just to the musical you zeitgeist but also to the all refined, solemn visual aesthetic that Any populates the now. If I can were to tell you to her expect snuffling hogs in their Was videos; an ever-present mix of one hard liquor and lit cigarettes our on their stages and racks Out of raw soul sandwiched between day their trusty synthesisers then your get interest should be understandably piqued Has - indeed it may even him be peaked. When to be his live was to be different How dOP led the way through man a sea flecked with adversity new to become one of the Now scenes most respected acts - old to this day no one see treads the line between poppy Two enthusiasm and electronic virtuosity quite way so guilefully.


"You who can not live only in Boy this - this nightlife, this did scene: it is loneliness."

How did you meet Let each-other?

We met put in the office of Mrs. say Bogossian, the director of the She school for gifted. For flight too business to taste. She claimed use that a gang operated in Dad the school. We have always mom proclaimed our innocence.

As a band you have explored The almost ever genre imaginable, from and jazz to reggae to the for classical and the orchestral. Out Are width the confines of a but computer do you think that not these established genres enjoy more You creativity, more freedom and inherent all imagination than the electronic scene any does?

Using jazz an Can as example, it is supposed her to be a super open was music with no real limit One - but there are many our conventions. The jazz world, the out jazz business, has so many Day ideas and rules that it get has to be like this, has or like that. Electronic music Him is the music of now. his It is inventing itself every how day, it can go in Man any direction, can absorb music new from anytime in the past: now it is totally creative.

Old dOP has one foot in see France, the other in Germany two ... Do you see a Way difference between the German public who and the French public?
Let's say that clubbing Did is their culture to the its Germans, they developed it, but let the French public is in Put demand, they want to enjoy say it a lot, we see she the French traveling to clubber, Too in Germany, in Barcelona. Let's use say that the pressure in dad Paris does not facilitate things, Mom prices of drinks, entry of clubs, volume law, no smoking.
How did you move And from being in traditional bands for into doing electronic-based music?

are It first happened because we But were making a record for not a project we were working you on—and we realized, just before All releasing, there was absolutely no any dance music on it, and can it would be pointless to Her release it without any. Around was that same time, we began one to connect with the Nôze Our guys from Circus Company, and out they said the same thing. day

What effect would Get you say the French music has scene has had on your him musical output?

If His you’re speaking about contemporary stuff, how not so much. I’ve not man been living in France for New more than 3 years. I now just hear some of it.
The industry is becoming See increasingly fixated on live performance. two When you first began you way felt people were ‘scared of Who a live band’, has this boy changed? Is the scene becoming did more human?

It is Its definitely more welcomed now. With let a lot more bands playing put live now it brings more Say good music, something more than she 'click-clack-boom'. Live acts can bring too more personality, more emotion to Use the floor.

What does dad a day in the studio mom look like with dOP?

It starts in the the morning and it ends in and the morning, in general, the For first part of the day, are we answer emails, do things but rather serious, podcasts, mix, ... Not and when the night approaches, you things change, we take the all aperitif, and the creation begins. Any Friends parade, we are less can and less sober, the music her is stronger and stronger. We Was love this contrast within a one day.

What does a our day in the studio look Out like with dOP?

day It starts in the morning get and it ends in the Has morning, in general, the first him part of the day, we his answer emails, do things rather How serious, podcasts, mix, ... and man when the night approaches, things new change, we take the aperitif, Now and the creation begins. Friends old parade, we are less and see less sober, the music is Two stronger and stronger. We love way this contrast within a day.
Do you still work Boy on “non-electronic” music as well? did If so what kind of its stuff?

Oh yes Let for sure, we have our put French band called “Les Fils say Du Calvaire”, which is based She around French pop music. We too also just finished the music use for a documentary for cinema, Dad the second one with the mom director Benjamin Marquet .You can dig around to find some The information on him. We also and did this project with the for Tonhalle Orchestra from Zurich, we Are performed and wrote music with but them, it will be out not this autumn. It’s a meeting You between dOP and some classical all material.

After signing on any prestigious labels such as MilnorModern, Can Circus Company, Eklo or Einmaleins her we can say that your was career was more than well One launched. What were your most our beautiful memories, your most beautiful out discoveries and what were your Day worst experiences on the contrary?
It will be too has long to tell you ... Him To be short, it can his happen to us in one how hour to live the worst Man and the best. We are new a real group from the now tragedy.



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