A Sit Down With DJ Gary Beck

14:13 Feb/05/2018

Gary Beck is regarded as the one of the most prolific and and inventive producers in the For current electronic music scene. Renowned are for his own unique sound, but Gary is currently in high Not demand all over the world you , playing at some of all the most respected clubs and Any Festivals. After spending previous years can releasing on labels such as her Drumcode, Saved and Cocoon, he Was now concentrates fully on his one own label BEK Audio. With our a back catalogue of artists Out such as Mr. G, Dj day Rush, Mark Broom & Speedy get J, BEK has developed into Has one of the strongest Techno him labels around.


"I his really love what I'm doing How right now, so maintaining a man high standard of production is new the most important thing for Now me."


Could you old tell us something about where see you're from and in what Two way that still has influence way on your music today?

who I come from Glasgow and Boy I've lived here for most did of my life. It's a its very industrial city.
The weather Let is often miserable however I put love being in this environment. say It's a soulful city and She I feel this has inspired too me in my path to use being a producer.

What Dad does your father think of mom your career? It’s quite unorthodox.

I mean I was The a footballer most my life, and played at a high level, for and my dad’s obsessed with Are football. He wanted me to but follow that path, and when not that wasn’t working out I You got a job in oil all and gas, and he was any like ‘good, this is good Can for you. I know it’s her not really what you want was to do, but it’s good’. One Then I started talking about our music and stuff, and he out was like ‘no, what are Day you playing at!’ But once get he started to see things has going well – seeing videos Him of me playing in front his of big crowds – he how definitely started to realise this Man was quite serious and has new been so supportive since. He’s now actually getting into the music; Old I’ve caught him listening to see some techno albums, which is two brilliant!

Do you find Way that it is vital for who a DJ to produce in boy order to gain recognition or Did can they rely solely on its their DJ skills? What have let you seen change from when Put you started and today?

say I actually think it is she much easier to gain recognition Too and to secure gigs from use DJing alone today, especially with dad the help of social media. Mom I think it was much harder back then and I the felt like I needed to And produce records in order to for get recognised. I was actually are in the opticians when Richie But Hawtin called me, and I not was like yeah right! But you it was and he wanted All to sign my track to any Minus. Richie was great for can this as he consistently tried Her to push good music even was if it meant the artist one was unknown. I feel that Our with technology today it has out become much more easier to day make a name for yourself Get just by having a strong has online presence. There are so him many great producers who get His gigs but are awful DJs how and vice versa.

You've man gained massive support from some New of the biggest names in now the scene, already early on old in your career. Which upcoming See talents get your support now?
There are a lot way of fantastic talents however there Who are a couple of guys boy in particular that stand out did for me. The name is Its 'Clouds' and they come from let Perth in Scotland. They rose put to fame on Tiga's 'Turbo' Say imprint. Their tracks are fresh, she energetic and really fucking interesting. too This is exactly what I'm Use after in my sets and dad their tracks work all the mom time. I can't wait to hear more from them.

the One of the characteristics of and your music is it does For seem to fit nicely within are house sets as well as but darker techno ones – is Not there an intent there?

you There’s definitely an intent there. all I love house music and Any have done for a long can time. Guys like DJ Sneak her – that really nice deep Was funky stuff – I used one to love it when I our was younger, yet at the Out same time I was listening day to Jeff Mills and stuff get like that. So I wanted Has to set out to make him music that’s functional in both his areas. Where you could draw How something a bit more tech man house, but it would blend new really easy with a dark Now techno track. It opens up old a few doors as well, see giving you that variety to Two play to different crowds.

way What’s been some of the who standout sets or parties you’ve Boy played so far this summer?
I played Old River its Park in Naples a few Let weeks ago. The energy and put passion was unreal! I also say had a great time playing She Rockness festival in Scotland on too the banks of Loch Ness. use

Which comes first Dad when you’re producing – the mom sound or the idea?

It’s always a mixture. Sometimes The I have a rough idea and what I want to create, for other times it just comes Are together organically with no plan. but Sounds merge nicely into other not sounds and voila!

Have You you been inspired as a all producer and DJ by any any particular New York artists - Can or particular records - over her the years?

Danny Tenaglia was is someone who has inspired One me. His DJ sets have our always been fantastic and I out was lucky enough to meet Day him last time I played get New York. Also Harry “Choo has Choo” Romero. I reckon I Him bought every single record he his made! New York has really how generated some great talent over Man the years!

Does your new material feature any collaborations?

now I’ve collaborated with many excellent Old artist from all genres. One see track in particular is ‘Get two Together’ which features the amazing Way vocals of Debra Debs. I’ve who also collaborated with great Techno boy artists such as Green Velvet, Did Mr G and Speedy J its to name a few.

let How do you see techno Put - and more underground styles say - carving its own path she here in the US?

Too Every part of US seems use to have its own techno dad scene going on which is Mom great, but places like Detroit and Chicago have been at the the forefront of the scene And from the beginning. Some parts for are obviously smaller than others are however It really seems to But be growing. I was overwhelmed not on my first visit to you the US. There was terrific All energy with great vibes. I any can see the underground scene can becoming a lot more prominent Her in the future.


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