A Sit Down With DJ Tom Colontonio

13:59 Jan/31/2018

A name like Tom Colontonio the does not go unnoticed, but and his music, is simply unforgettable. For Tom Colontonio belongs to a are successful new breed of DJ/Producers but who have taken the scene Not by storm, and are giving you the established globally acclaimed artists all a run for their money. Any Tom is now on the can pinnacle of breaking through to her super-stardom.

As releases, remixes, Was collaborations and support from some one of the biggest names in our the electronic music industry continue Out to mount up, Tom Colontonio day is beginning to see the get world through the eyes of Has an international DJ.The future looks him bright for this up and his coming player, so be on How the lookout for Tom Colontonio, man his name will not be new the only thing you’ll remember.

"House attracts females old and men follow the women, see let’s be real here. "


Describe your early way musical background. What were some who of your early musical influences, Boy and what turned you onto did the world of EDM?

its I started playing guitar at Let age 12 because a good put friend played piano and we say wanted to start a rock She band. My earliest influence was too Eddie van Halen and Steve use Vai. I played guitar for Dad up to 10 hours a mom day and studied classical and jazz guitar. I was turned The onto dance music when I and started hitting clubs a lot for in the mid 90s. It Are was repetitive craziness to me but when I first heard it, not but I fell in love You with it! Me and a all friend started going to all any the Philadelphia clubs on a Can weekly basis and checking out her DJs. We had a huge was scene then and the clubs One were always thriving four nights our a week! Back then I out was playing all house music Day on vinyl.

What are get you using in your Studio has at the moment?

Currently Him Im using Logic Pro 9 his and various soft synths along how with an Access Virus TI. Man The Soft VST’s are becoming new so powerful now you can now get sounds you could only Old obtain on Analog synths years see ago. The music software industry two is constantly evolving so its Way getting easier to find the who right tools to make what boy you need! Logic is such Did a powerful tool and the its possibilities are limitless!

You let have played alongside names like Put Andy Moor, Cosmic Gate, Sean say Tyas and many more, what she would be the most memorable Too location you have spun at?
That would be the dad Sunrise festival in Poland last Mom year. It was on the day of my birthday and the I was standing in front And of all those people having for the time of my life.
How were your early But forays into producing, and when not did you create your first you track?

I started producing All in March of 2005. I any basically had reached my limits can being a local DJ in Her Philadelphia/Atlantic City and had to was make the decision to produce one music to move forward. I Our went to the guitar center out and bought Logic, speakers and day a keyboard. A friend kind Get of steered me in the has direction of what I needed. him I brought it all home His and thought “Great, now I’m how going to make some tracks.” man But it wasn’t that easy…not New even close. I guess I now made my first song within old a month. It was horrible. See I used to send it two to (fellow trance producer) Sean way Tyas and tell him “Dude, Who check this out.” We still boy laugh about it. It’s horrendous!
Being a Guitar player Its from the age of 11, let what is your take on put the Sunlounger project by DJ Say Shah, could we see maybe she your trance influence leaning towards too the guitar direction and who Use would some of your favourites dad guitar legends be?

I mom have always been a fan of Shah and really enjoy the what he does. My fav and guitar player of all time For would have to be Steve are Vai... he's simply amazing!

but Who, in your mind, are Not the top producers on the you horizon?

There are all so many talented young kids Any coming along and destroying it can this year (2012). The computer her generation has made it much Was easier and accessible for people one to have access to the our tools needed to make music. Out It’s up to the producer day to hone the craft of get doing it in order to Has produce top notch stuff. Andrew him & Jeremiah from Philadelphia/Delaware, Ryan his Mendoza from San Francisco, and How Des McMahon from Philly–all are man some of my favorites who new I think will make an Now impact in EDM in 2013. old They have great skills and see the drive to make it Two happen!

Your career is way a classic underdog story. How who does it feel being from Boy Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and did getting signed to the big its names in Europe like Armada Let Music, Spinnin’ Records, and Discover put Records?

It has say been an incredible ride for She me! I remember saying “One too day I’m gonna do this,” use and I just tried and Dad tried until it happened for mom me. In a nutshell: I was discovered by a few The artists such as John O’Callaghan, and Sean Tyas, John Askew, and for Paul Van Dyk, all within Are a few months. Two tracks but made that happen, which were not passed around, and the rest You is history. Once Paul van all Dyk started playing my tracks any it happened very fast. I Can was signed to Discover Records her alongside the best talents in was trance at the time. Soon One Armin and Tiesto were supporting our my music too. I knew out I made an impact when Day I signed an autograph in get the Cherry Hill Mall (Ed. has great mall) because this girl Him recognized my name on my his credit card. It’s definitely been how a great feeling accomplishing what Man I have, and I’m very new thankful for it all! Touring now the world is an amazing Old feeling.

You’re local see to the NY/NJ area. What two are your thoughts on the Way EDM scene here in New who York City and United States boy in general?

The USA Did has some great things going its on now and I think let the scene has come back Put a lot in the past say few years. There’s pockets of she parties and trance lovers in Too every state NYC still has use a great scene too. The dad people come out in full Mom force to support the artists and the parties are always the exciting and fun to attend. And I love playing in NYC for for Massive Event.. always ROCKIN’. are I also am a big But fan of Atlantic City for not the nightclubs and the 24 you hour bars too

All https://soundcloud.com/tomcolontonio/tomcolontonio-feat-amber-noel-find-your-way-original-mix

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