A Sit Down With DJ Rebecca & Fiona

14:18 Jan/19/2018

Rebecca and Fiona are a popular DJ duo from Sweden. They released their debut album, I Love You, Man, in 2011 and have been touring non-stop ever since. In such a short time, they have already gained respect from DJs such as DJ Tiësto and Kaskade and they have already featured Rebecca and Fiona in their work. It’s only a matter of time before their careers explode in America.

Behind their rainbow-colored hair, Rebecca and Fiona have just as colorful personalities and are one of the most innovative artists in the industry.


"We’ve been pretty much doing everything ourselves for a long time and having a kind of indie complex."


How do you go about composing your music?

We try to make as much music as possible but it’s pretty hard because you’re traveling. When you’re flying, you can’t really hear what you’re doing. So, when we’re off for a couple of days, we make demos that we bring back to Sweden and into the studio. But right now, we’re finishing up all the music we made last year.

What are you thoughts on the current dance music scene?

We are a bit more into the 90's of the dance music scene, but there's a lot of great new stuff right now.

How was your Tommorowland festival experience?

It was amazing! We got to open on the main stage on the first day. The crowd had a lot of expectations. We played a lot of new music, and the reaction was good, they really enjoyed it.

What is your relationship with London? 

We know lots of people who have come across to live and live as many Swedes do. It seems hard! But otherwise we have been here on weekends to vacation and see the city just because it's so fat! We just think it's an amazing city to play and hang in. Last year they ran up to 200 gigs all over the world and the next few years seem to be even more hectic with the new single Union released May 1 and followed by the new album until September.

Do you prefer big festivals or intimate nightclubs?

They are so different. Festivals are fun, it’s a really cool experience to be in front of a crowd like that. But it can be better in small clubs. You can actually talk to the people and see their reactions.

Tell us about the Sayonara Remixes? What inspired the original?

The original version is our take on pure pop and maybe the lyrics somehow touch on the fact that we are transforming from a DJ duo to a pop group! But we can still do it all, you don't have to pick a scene to stick with. The remixes are good for making the song available for all our great EDM fans!

Where do you feel most comfortable as artists - performing or producing?

In our beds producing of course, but when we get restless and tired of that…

Have you ever had anything strange thrown on the stage? 

We have nice fans who throw up nice presents like gosedjur and bracelet, kind of like children get. Once upon a time someone threw up a moderate flap and then Fiona burned it up.

What`s your favourite part of your live set?

Living on a Nightliner bus, having a band, a good laugh with all the other crew members, singing our souls out every night! DJ's, though.

You've been working together for a while now - what keeps you going? What is your studio set up like?

Our love for music keeps us going. And our fascination with the scene. It is on the dancefloor where the new stuff happens, where people come together and form new ways of being. If we can't dance to it, it is not our revolution, like the great Emma Goldman once said! Our studio is very small and cosy and it is in the basement of an art gallery in Stockholm. It's like four different studios and a shared kitchen area.


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